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Top Five Ways To Save Money On Oil Heating Bills


The oil heating bill can be quite expensive each month depending on how big of an area you are trying to heat. In many cases this area will not be worth heating because of the low efficiency it has.Top Five Ways To Save Money On Oil Heating Bills That’s right most home and business owners are throwing money right out the window by not properly preparing there area for the heating season.

There are several things that will need to be done, including repairs and preforming many inspections of the building. The average home wastes lots of energy from places like leaky windows, doors and skylights. The average business does not have a heat lock in there entrance way, poorly insulated storage rooms and loading docs with overhead doors that remain open while the heat is on. Things like this waste hundreds if not dollars of fuel for the home of office each month. Let’s now tell you about the top five ways to save money on oil heating bills for less then $100 in many cases.

Sealing Your Doors and Windows Will Save You Money On Home Heating

One of the cheapest ways to save money on your home heating bills is to reduce or even stop the drafts that are coming from the windows and the doors. Window kits that can be easily applied to the windows with some double sided tape can also be tightly fitted to stop the draft with something as simple as a hair dryer. This method of stopping drafts can not only save you money on your heating bills but it also can be easily done by anyone. If you have leaky doors you will also want to replace the weather stripping on the bottom and the side of the door.

Tuning Up Your Oil Burner Will Save You Money On Oil Heating

Many people fail to realize is that the oil burner should be serviced by a heating professional at least twice a year. This service will include changing the oil burner nozzle, oil pump and line filter, adjusting the electrodes, as well as adjusting the flame. Many oil burners will come equipped with top names such as Beckett and Carlin burners. This oil burner tune up service could cost between $75 & up depending on where you live and off course could cost a bit more if any additional parts are needed.

Turn Down The Thermostat 5 Degrees:

Adjusting your thermostat can reduce your heating costs because your oil fired boiler will run less. If you turn your thermostat down to a temperature five degrees then it normally is set at, you can save up to 20% on your oil heating bills a month. If you set it even lower you can reduce your oil consumption by much much more. Not only does this make your Beckett burner last longer but since the oil burner is in use a lot less, it will save you on expensive repairs because you are saving the oil burner from lots of wear that is common from heavy use.

Use Portable Heaters More Often:
EdenPure Portable Heater
Many people think that space heaters are very expensive to operate, so they generally decide not to use them. The good part about a portable space heater is that they can heat a good sized room to a comfortable temperature in a reasonably short time. This way you can set the oil fired heating unit thermostat at a lower temperature and still be warm.

Dress In Layers and Use Extra Blankets:

Using an extra blanket when you sleep at night or even wearing an extra sweatshirt or shirt will help you keep your heating bills lower as you will be less tempted to raise the heat when you start to feel chilly, this may sound like a really simple idea but it also really will help you save money on those home oil heating bills.

You have just learned five top ways to save money on your oil heating bills. There is a solution above for every type of household or business. Most people never even try to practice living more energy efficient, until they are broke and it is to late. The first step is to actually take action and imply what we have taught you above and you will soon be on your way to lower monthly heating bills.


  1. Also just replaceing a old burner with a Beckett and sizeing the nozzle properly ( I have found in the past that when oil heat get’s serviced that the nozzle installed is the same as the one that was already there. what if the last guy did not have the right nozzle so he put in the next closest one. this could use extra fuel every time the unit turns on and we all know that that unused fuel goes right up the chimney or turns into soot yuch!

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