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Top 3 Combi Boilers Of 2008


There are many Combi Boilers available in today’s marketplace. The three top rated combi boilers are made right in the United Kingdom by some quality boiler companies such as Ideal Boilers and Reno Boiler. The cost for a new Combi boiler can be between 800 – 2200 depending on what BTU rating you need as well as what model of Combi boiler you choose.Top 3 Combi Boilers

The term “combi boiler” actually means combination boiler. The reason it is a combination boiler or combi is because it can heat water and provide it on demand without a separate water storage tank. These units are also great because they take up way less space then a traditional boiler or water heating unit. Some of these units can fit into places that you never expected and provide an unlimited flow of hot water on demand. This type of boiler still gets its water source from the water main but just heats it up on demand. When buying a new boiler its very important to thin of efficiency as well. Doing your part and leaving less of a carbon footprint as possible is not only good for the environment but also good for the economy as well. Many boiler companies these days offer high efficiency boilers. These boilers will save you a lot of money on your home heating and fuel costs as well making it easier and faster to pay for your new boiler.

Let’s take a look at the top rated Combi Boilers of 2008.

The isar HE by Ideal Boilers
The isar HE by Ideal Boilers
The Ideal boiler company makes a combi boiler called the “isar HE”. The Ideal isar HE Combi Boiler is rated as a high efficiency boiler that fully complies with the building regulations of Part L but still has the toughness and durability of its earlier models. The Ideal isar HE was deigned and developed keeping the builder and the homeowner in mind.

There is a large range of outputs on this model including the LPG models. This Combi boiler can pretty much be installed in a bunch of places since it has many fluing options. Some of the flu options include a rear side outlet, vertical flues as well as even a whilst side outlet to make the installation of the Ideal isar HE Combi boiler easy. Each model is considered a high efficiency fan-flued fixed output unit with a cast iron heat exchanger that also comes with a aluminium recuperator that fits behind it. The isar HE boiler is a true value for the money, that is sure to keep the carbon down with its low emissions. If you are looking for an ECO-friendly combi boiler then then the Ideal classic may be for you.
The Trinity Boiler TI 100 Combi Boiler

The Trinity TI 100 boiler is also top rated and comes in both propane and natural gas versions to make it a breeze to install in remote locations with only one type of fuel. This unit comes equipped wit a state of the art sealed modulation system, stainless condensing heat exchanger and this unit vents easily with PVC, CPVC or ABS plastic pipe. All connections are also located in spots that will help the installer have a trouble free installation. The high capacity heat exchanger provides more then enough hot water for those long showers or multiple loads of laundry that you will be doing back to back. This unit runs around $2600 US dollars which is not much because you will be saving a lot of money on your heating bills with this high efficiency unit.

Embassy Ambassador AXIA & BMS Combi Boilers
Embassy Ambassador Combi Boilers
The Embassy Ambassador series combi boilers are taed one of the best from plumbers, heating professionals as well as tons of happy homeowners. This combi unit is also energy efficient and consider a Green friendly or low carbon output boiler that is sure to be ECO-friendly as well. The BMS & the AXIA gas boiler have been developed with a direct vent and sealed combustion chamber which is the latest in hydronic heating technology. This unit is sure to give you the heat on demand that you are looking for.

The Ambassador completely quite so that you can enjoy the living of your flat with out all that noise that can be caused by other types of boilers. This unit also has a built in expansion tank, and a 100% copper heat exchanger. So with the above top three combi boiler in mind make sure to always shop around for the lowest price as well. Also remember if you do not feel that you can install the combi boiler yourself, you may want to hire a plumbing tradesman to do it for you.


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    I have a gleadhill boilermate 2000, that to be honest is rubbish, i am looking for a good reliable combi boiler and was wondering which ones were the top rated at the moment

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