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The Lasco Bathware Company


WeT HeaD KnowledgeLasco Bathware is one of the largest producers of bathroom fixtures in the entire United States. The company has been in business since 1965 and they have been leading the industry almost from the start. The company has been called “America’s Bathtub Company”. All of their products are designed with the latest technology and the most creative designs. Every year the company comes out with designs that are better than the year before. Lasco today has over 270 trucks on the road and 8 manufacturing plants.

Lasco has a wide variety of products ranging from Whirlpools, Soak Tubs, Baths and Showers, Shower Doors, Freedom Line and Shower Pans. Lasco offers their customers a choice of 21 different colors for their products. Some of the colors include, White, Wild Rose, Rain Forest, Seafoam and Rhapsody Blue. The Lasco Company offers a variety of colors that attract more customers. Other companies have standard colors and more homeowners today are looking to spice up their bathrooms with different styles and colors. If you are remodeling your bathroom yourself, the Lasco website offers a full list of Frequently Asked Questions. Here you can use the information they offer to help you with your project. Lasco stands behind their products and they want you to know how to take care of their products, they offer you a Care and Maintenance section. This section was designed to inform customers on how to create a long and lasting plumbing fixture.

If you are a contractor and you need to see the technical drawings of a specific plumbing fixture, you can get it all right on the Lasco website. If you are looking for some extra literature, simply fill out the online form and the company will send you the information that you need. Lasco offers some of the most creative designs for their Whirlpool, Bubblers and Soaking Tubs. You can download the CAD drawings and 3 part specifications from the website. Looking to spice up your bathroom? Lasco Bathroom has the answer for creating your dream bathroom. All of their products are covered by warranties. The Lasco Bathroom Products have warranties that start from 3 years to 15 years.

You can register your products right on the Lasco website. You can also keep up with the newest products and services. Lasco is just one of hundreds of companies that attend tradeshows to demonstrate how their products works and show the public an dealers the newest products. On the website you can find out where these tradeshows are. Lasco has products with the most innovative designs and the most current technology. Check out Lasco Bathware products online or in your local home improvement store. If you are looking for a change in your bathroom style, Lasco Bathware is a great way to start.


  1. I have a Lasco Bathware Air Tub (2 years old) with 16 air outlets on the bottom of the tub. 8 out of 16 of these outlets are plugged, how do I get them unplugged? I have a 10 year old granddaughter who used bubble bath in the tub this summer, and could this be the cause of the plug? I have used bleach and dishwasher soap (finish, running the jets, draining the tub, filling with cold water, running the jets, then draining again several times, but the jets are still plugged. Now what do you suggest?

  2. what does it mean when you push the pump button on the lasco bathware tub it reads h20 pump not working

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