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Sta-Rite Above Ground Cartridge Filter Buyers Guide


Not all swimming pool filters are the same. Each filter out there has been designed for a specific use. For example, there are two styles of swimming pools, the inground pool and the above ground pool. Not all filters are interchangeable, there are plenty of people out there that have purchase filters that are not designed for their pool and they have experienced problems. So before you purchase a filter for an above ground swimming pool, make sure your filter is created for that purpose.STA-RITE Above Ground Cartridge Filters Buyers Guide

There are three different types of filter, the Sand, the D.E and the Cartridge. Every homeowner has their preference and a good amount of people use the Cartridge filters because they don’t want to mess around with Sand or DE. Sta-Rite offers five premium cartridge filters designed to work with your above ground swimming pool. The Clean & Clear Filter System, The PLM Series Filter System, the PRC Series Filter System, The Predator II Series and the PXC Series Filter.

The Clean & Clear Filter System

Pentair Clean & Clear Filter System

The Clean & Clear Filter System offers a high performance filter that promises to keep your pool cleaner longer. The filter is easy to maintain and easy to operate. The Clean & Clear Filter System offer a unionized pump and filter connections and an important High Flow Internal Air Relief Valve. The system offers a High Flow Manual Air Relief Valve and a one-inch drain and wash out. The Clean & Clear Cartridge Filter System from Sta-Rite offers a reversible left or right side pump mount for the Dynamo Pump. The filter is a one-piece style with easy access to all of the components for easy maintenance or cleaning. There are 6 different models in the Clean & Clear Filter Series; they range in horsepower from 1 to 2 horsepower with 2-speed motor.

The Clean & Clear Filters have a Flow Rate or GPM ranges from 75 gallons per minute to 150 gallons per minute. These filters are durable and they get the job done, in an 8-hour turnover capacity, they have a range of 36,000 gallons of water to 72,000 gallons. These are high performance filters that will work to keep the pool clean as long as you take care of the filter.

The Sta-Rite PLM Series

Sta-Rite PLM Series Pool Filter
The PLM Series Cartridge Filters can handle up to 15 times better than a regular sand filter of the same size. The PLM Series Filters are available with or without the JWP Series or ABG Series Pumps. These filters are designed for above ground swimming pools. They are compact and sleek in design so that they can fit in any pool area even where there isn’t that much room. The PLM Filter has a Safe Access called the Posi-Lock. This is a locking ring that is safe and easy to put back into place. The tank is a split tank design that allows the rinse in place cleaning. The filter offers a Superior Dirt Loading System, what this does is it has a flow-balanced tank that hydraulically directs water through the sides of the filter. This system prevents the cartridges from clogging.

The PLM Series Filters offer 16 different models. The filter sizes range from 100 to 150. They are available with JWP or ABG Pumps. There are some accessories available with the PLM Series Filter, you can choose a Platform Extension, an Acrylic Trap Lid, A Spring Check Valve or 100 or 150 square foot replacements modules.

Sta-Rite PRC Filter Series

Sta-Rite PRC Filter Series
The Sta-Rite PRC Filter Series offers the PRC Filter with the ABG Pump, when these two are put together you get an exceptional filter that is only considered to be high performance. This filter was designed for small to medium sized swimming pool. Though designed for smaller pools, this cartridge filter is a high capacity filter that actually holds more dirt and debris than some of the larger pool filters. Unlike other pool filters, the PRC filter is capable of removing suntan oils and body oils from the pool water.

The filter is a quite running filter so you won’t disturb your neighbors while filtering your pool. The motors are available in 3/4 to 1 horsepower with a single piece trap or volute. The PRC Cartridge Filters offers an easy to read pressure gauge located on top of the filter. There are 7 different models available the range in filter size from 50 to 75 square feet. They also have some accessories available, the 50 or 75 square foot replacement cartridges and a 3-foot power cord with a 20 amp Twist Lock Plug.

The Sta-Rite Predator II Mini Cellular Media Filter System

Sta-Rite Predator II Mini Cellular Media Filter System
The Sta-Rite Predator II Mini Cellular Media Filter System offers a solution to small swimming pool filtration problems. Often times, filters are too big for the smaller pools but you want to have a filter system that works perfectly for your swimming pool. Don’t let the word Mini fool you; this is a high performance above ground cartridge filter system. The pumps on this filter system are proven pumps that are reliable and dependable every time. There is only one in the series, it is product number 56224800, and it has a tank diameter of 15 inches and an effective filtration area of 25 square feet. The flow rate is 40 gallons per minute and it has an 8-hour turnover capacity of 19,200 gallons per minute.

The Sta-Rite PXC Series Filter System

The Sta-Rite PXC Series Filter System is perfectly designed for medium to larger style swimming pools. The PXC Series offers an advanced design that will extend the time you may clean your pool. The system is also capable of cleaning your water so well that it can remove suntan lotions and oils from the water’s surface. The filter is a quite running filter, which is good news to your neighbors. The filter has the Safe Access- Posi Ring Closure. It is 100% safe and easy to use. The filter is also sleek and compact in design; it can fit in all backyards even if there is very little room for a filter. On PXC Series from Sta-Rite you will find an extra large venting system that is easy to install and access. This will allow faster venting and drainage when it is time to close the pool for the season.

There are 5 different models in the Sta-Rite PXC Series Filter System. They have a filter size range from 95 to 150 square feet. All models use the JWP Pump Model and they use 1 to 1.5 horsepower pumps. Now that you have seen what Sta-Rite has to offer the above ground swimming pool, it would be the best choice to invest in any one of the five we have profiled. They are high performance filters that are easy to operate and maintain. If you take care of your filter, your filter will take care of you.


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