The Snuggie is the new blanket that has sleeves which is a totally unique design compared to the traditional style that most blankets come in.The company says that the blanket is made from a super soft fleece that is also supposed to be super think to help you keep warm. Snuggie Blanket Review

The reason they say that the “Snuggie blanket” is supposed to be better then the traditional style blanket is because you will actually use it more because of the sleeves. The Snuggie commercial says that you will save money on your heating bills as well because you will be able to keep the thermostat down because you will be so warm with this blanket. However, you would have to get a Snuggie for the whole family if you lowered your heat otherwise other family members could get cold. This blanket can be great for watching TV, reading or even talking on the phone while sitting on the couch. You could be a host on a talk show and just put it on while you were right on air without losing the use of your arms like a regular blanket would do if you were to choose that type.
Snuggie Blanket
Just think of this blanket as the “poncho of the blanket world”. It looks relativity durable and warm but probably wont be the best thing to keep you warm in frigid temperatures, but could be great in a chilly room or chilly house. Another great use could be when your waiting in the Doctor’s office or any other type of sitting room. The Snuggie website is now offering a “buy one get one free, Snuggie blanket” if you pay $7.95 shipping and handling for the second blanket. The snuggle blanket with sleeves also comes with a free book lite as well according to the Snuggie website.

The blanket comes in three different colors to choose from. You can buy the Snuggy blanket in Sage Green, Burgundy, or even Royal Blue. They say that the Snuggie blanket is perfect for men or women. There is however a limit of 4 blankets per household allowed to be ordered due to the blanket with arms popular demand during this extremely cold winter season where the prices of home heating have been super expensive.The Snuggie works great if you are trying to lower your heating bill. You can turn your heat down just a couple of degrees and pop on a Snuggie. If you really want to save more money on your heating bill then you should invest in both the Snuggie and the EdenPure Heater. The EdenPure Heater is a fantastic way to save money. It is a portable heater that can heat any size room. Imagine cutting your heating costs in half by using an EdnePure Heater and a Snuggie.

You can buy one for the entire family and really see the savings on your electric bills. The Snuggie is great for a cold snowing day when you just want to curl up on the couch and watch a movie. The Snuggie is also perfect curling up with a good book. Snuggies also make great gifts, if you know someone whose birthday is coming up or you can get someone you love a Snuggie for Valentine’s Day. The Snuggie is safe for children to wear, there are no zippers or tie strings to get caught on. Simply pull over your head and you can start to feel the warmth right away. What other wearable blanket can you get for a great price and get some great extras as well. Celebrities are talking about the Snuggie too. The Snuggie has been featured on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Recently, the Snuggie has been seen on the Today Show with Al Roker, Meredith Viera and Matt Lauer. They have all endorsed the Snuggie. You know it has to be a good product if celebrities are talking about it. The Snuggie is a great way to stay warm especially in places that have the harshest winters like places like Minnesota, Michigan and North Dakota. The Snuggie is really a great idea and it is perfect for winter and it really makes a great gift. It is easy to maintain and it is one of those long lasting article of clothing. If you are looking for the perfect way to stay warm and look great the Snuggie is great for you.