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Smart Pond 3600 GPH Waterfall Pond Pump


Smart Pond 3600 GPH Waterfall Pond PumpYour swimming pool or pond is a great investment. You should do what you can to maintain your investment. Some swimming pool owners enhance their investments with waterfalls or water fountains. To keep these features working great you will need a confident pump that is reliable and is hard working. That is where the Smart Pond 3600 GPH Waterfall Pond Pump comes in. By using this pond pump you can create a good balance and a healthy waterfall or pond.

When you have a pump as hard working as the Smart Pond 3600 GPH Waterfall Pond Pump you can increase oxygen levels in your ponds and you can stop bacteria from forming in pools of water like fountains and waterfalls. This pump is a magnetic driven pump, which is the best type of pump for these applications. If you are using this with a waterfall and pond it is perfectly safe to use with fish. Let’s see what the Smart Pond 3600 GPH Waterfall has to offer.

Smart Pond 3600 GPH Waterfall Pond Pump Specifications

The Smart Pond 3600 GPH Waterfall Pond Pump is a submersible pond pump that pumps 3600 gallons of water per hour. This pond pump is perfect for swimming pools with waterfalls or homes with ponds with fountains. This Smart Pond is a small pump perfect for small locations. This small but powerful pump has a 264-inch lifting head and is perfect for waterfalls up to 15 feet. The Smart Pond 3600 GPH Waterfall Pond Pump comes with a 22 feet of maximum pumping height with a 16 foot cord included. You will need tubing, which comes with the pump as well as an adapter for a 1-inch, and 1-1/2″ inch ID tubing.

Smart Pond 3600 GPH Waterfall Pond Pump Benefits


The Smart Pond 3600 GPH Waterfall Pond Pump is considered to be a Professional Grade Pump. The engineerSmart Pond 3600  GPH Waterfall Pond Pumps used the most creative way to design a long lasting pump that will offer you many years of great service and protect your investments. This pump is energy efficient and that means you won’t spend a lot of money on your electric bills while keeping your waterfall working.

Don’t let the size fool you; this compact but has a lot of power. It is a great way to use your water features and save money too. This pump is a high performance wet bearing pump that is 100% reliable. This pump comes with installation instructions and it comes with cautions and warnings. It is important to read these very carefully before you attempt any installations.

The Smart Pond 3600 GPH Waterfall Pond Pump is available at your local Lowe’s Home Improvement store. It has a one-year warranty and it is affordably priced at $ 199.00. Do some comparative shopping and see if you can get a better price but it may be hard to find another pump that offers 3600 gallons per hour at this affordable price from a company who has dedicated their company to helping homeowners preserve the life of their ponds and waterfalls.


  1. I purchased a pump, installed it on my 3 tier water fall. The water action was very disappointing; I describe it as a trickle not a flow.
    The specifications of the pump were as follows;
    Cleans as it moves pond water
    High performance wet bearing pump
    Waterfalls up to 10 ft.
    Patented technology
    Pond Pump Type: Submersible
    Gallons Per Hour (Gallons): 1300
    Tubing Required: yes
    Maximum Lift (Inches): 198.0
    UL Safety Listing: yes
    CSA Safety Listing: yes
    ETL Safety Listing: No
    Horsepower (HP): 15.5
    Warranty: 1-year

    My pond specifications are as follows;
    Lower Pond: 3ft x 4ft x 3ft
    Lower Pump Box: 1.5 ft x 2ft x 2ft
    Head: 12 ft.
    Distance Pump to top of Head: 31ft. (1.5 in. flex pipe)
    Upper Pond: 2ft x 1ft x 2ft.
    Top Tier Lip: 1.5ft
    Middle Tier Lip: 1.5ft
    Bottom Tier Lip: 2ft
    Would you please evaluate my water fall and make a pump recommendation.
    I want to put koi in the lower pond; with my space limitations in the upper and bottom ponds, could you make some recommendations on UV and fish population numbers.

  2. I have this pump and it is almost too much flow
    1700 gallon pond 3ft waterfall 3 foot depth of pump, at 6ft this pump is awesome.

    for the above i would find a pump that will do 3000 GPH at 12′ lift becuase of the 31 feet of hose

  3. I purchased one of these pumps in September for a pond and the pump housing has broken the ears that hold it to the motor . I am very disappointed , I have called the customer
    service ,just a record that they are too busy to help leave a message.

  4. Same here – get the leave a message recording – called more than 15 times since last week, sent messages via the web form. No response… is anyone there? I bet they have a teenager surfing pr0n and not doing their jobs…

  5. I have had the same problem with 3 housings breaking off, 2 impeller breaking ( due to my lack of filtering). i am in the process of trying to find parts with no end in site. and at $ 300 per pop this baby is getting to be a money pit.

  6. I have bought 3 of the 3600 GPH in the last 5-6 yrs from Lowes.They only give me 1 yr warranty on it. They only last me just over a yr then they keep quiting on me. $200.00 a pop is getting expensive.I want to keep my pond because I love it but if this keeps going I’m going to have to pack it up. Does anybody there know what I can do. Thanks Brian

  7. Im having a low voltage leak in pond aprox. 2000 gal. biggest fish keep dieing from electric shock had 2.7 on volt meter till I grounded pond still have .9 to 1.0 on volt meter I think fish still getting shocked. any have same problem or suggestions Other than that pump is awesome.

  8. Reading these comments makes feel like part of the team. I have had about 6 of these now and i keep taking them back to lowes. it’s to the point now where they won’t take them any more. the ears always break off. impellers break. The product pumps well. The product is just junk. anyone know who to buy a reliable pump from?

  9. I purchased pump in 08/10 pump lasted 11 months and housing tabs broke. I used zip ties and pump is holdin up.

    • We did the zip ties too. Them replaced them with stainless steel bolts.
      The pump lasted almost 3 months then the bearings seized.
      It is so full of design flaws.
      These pumps are pure garbage.

  10. Same problems with wp3600. Little tabs break off front impeller housing AND “miracle wet bearing” technology is a joke.Bearings went bad in less than 3 months. After ordering 3 extra impeller housing(yes, they have a teen processing parts orders, got the wrong parts first time, then correct order didn’t ship for a week)I realized my kids DIDN”T break the pump the way I thought they had. Those cheap little tabs just break off. Their email support is very prompt, also very prompt in denying any responsibility. They say the tabs ONLY broke, in THEIR study when lifting the pump out of the pool by the discharge tubing!!!
    Very bad materials engineering and very bad mechanical engineering

  11. Yes same thing here, the tabs are manufacturing issue that really needs to be addressed. Maybe we can buy it from other authorized vendor or dealer..

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