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Slant Fin Caravan Commercial Hot Water Steam Boilers


Slant Fin is one of the most recognized names in the heating industry. They have a complete inventory of baseboard heating as well as residential and commercial boiler systems.Slant Fin Caravan Commercial Hot Water Steam Boilers Their commercial section contains two of the best gas fired boilers sold anywhere. One of these boilers is the Caravan Gas Fired Boiler, this commercial boiler is a modular boiler system, and it is an energy efficient and effective way to heat your commercial property.

The Slant Fin Caravan Commercial Gas Fired Boiler can be used with two or more boilers. There are some advantages of using the Caravan Boiler, some of these advantages are the boilers are easy to service and you don’t need any specialized technicians for repairs. When you use a Caravan system you will not need an operating engineer either. Some of the specifications of this commercial boiler system are that it is rated for gas, oil, power gas or dual fuel. These boilers are hot water or for steam. The input capacity on this system is 280,000 multi million BTUH.

The Slant Fin Caravan Commercial Gas Fired Boilers are energy efficient, the combustion efficiency is rated up to 83% for gas and on oil it has 85.9% efficiency. These boiler systems can be utilized as a new installation or as a replacement installation. The Caravan Gas Fired Boiler offers long life cast iron heat exchangers, which also help with the efficiency of the boiler system. These boilers also contain a factory installed metal push nipples that bring together the boiler sections. Slant Fin Caravan Commercial Hot Water Steam Boilers

Since the Caravan is a commercial boiler system it must be ready to handle all types of heavy-duty applications. The heat exchanger sections are all expertly machined by an advanced computer controlled machinery. The sections separately are pressure tested at 2-1/2 times their own working pressure. All units are tested over and over again until the standards of Slant Fin are met and exceeded. All of the internal components on this system are commercial grade parts. The control header is prefabricated and can be made custom with addition options such as an advanced microprocessor control package, supply and return headers and an external tankless coil header just to name a few.

The microprocessor of the Caravan will control and monitor the outside air temperature as well as the temperature of the water that is already circulating through the heating system. As the temperatures will go up or down the system will react by decreasing or increasing the water temperature. This will keep the building well heated and it can prolong the life of the boiler system.

The Caravan offers many different models and types. Each section has a variety of different size boilers to choose from depending on your commercial heating application. Slant Fin has a great reputation and this extends to all of their boilers and heating products. If you want to save money and conserve energy then the Slant Fin Caravan Commercial Boiler System may be what you need. Contact your local Slant Fin Sales Representative for more information.

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