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Saving Money by Doing Things Yourself


Whether you’re a long-time penny pincher or are just trying to save a few dollars before the holiday season, there are lots of chores around the house that you probably pay people to do, while you could be easily doing them yourself. From pool cleaning to plumbing, if something goes wrong in your room it’s good to be able to fix it yourself. You’ll save lots of money, plus you won’t have to wait around for a few days for a plumber to come out and fix your leaky toilet. Once you have the tools to fix different things around your house, finding a place to store them can be somewhat difficult. Chances are there’s a storage unit near your home that you can put all your new tools in, just visit usstoragesearch.comto find one. Check out these easy things you can do around your home by yourself, without paying high costs to professionals.


You may be surprised to learn that most plumbing problems can be fixed easily, without a costly call to the plumber. A plumber may charge you around $50 just to unclog a toilet! Even leaky faucet repairs can get expensive, but most things that you would call a plumber for are easy fixes if you’ve got some extra time and the right tools. Most plumbing fixes require a combination of inexpensive tools, like a plumber’s snake, closet auger, basin wrench, plunger, and a good set of pliers. These tools won’t take up a lot of space in your storage unit, so consider investing in some plumbing tools and do-it-yourself guides if you want to learn how to fix some simple plumbing repairs.

Pool Cleaning

Paying for a weekly pool cleaning service is expensive and very unnecessary if you’ve got a little extra time to do it yourself each week. The tools to thoroughly clean your pool tend to get a little clunky though, so putting them in your storage unit is probably a good idea. Simply scoop up all the leaves and other debris that landed in your pool and your pool’s filters, and then brush the walls of the pool to remove any dirt. You can then run your pool vacuum across the bottom of the pool, just like you would run a regular vacuum across your living room floor. If you opt to do it yourself over a pool cleaning service, make sure you’re consistent because constantly putting off cleaning your pool could make for nasty green water.


Painting is one of the easiest do it yourself projects you can do it home, yet so many households spend a ton of money on painters each year. While painting can be a bit labor intensive, you’ll get the job done for much cheaper and without any missed deadlines. You’ll likely need a quality ladder, so store it in your storage unit if you don’t’ have any space in your home. Consider strategically touching up the paint in your home every so often so you can avoid costly painting jobs every few years.

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