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Riello Heavy Oil Burners


WeT HeaD KnowledgeRiello is a name you can trust when it comes to your oil burners. They have so many great products that it can be hard to choose one from the next. Their Heavy Oil Burners are popular with those who own oil boilers. One of the best in their line of products is the Press T/N Series. The Press T/N offers 5 version of the heavy oil burner.

The firing range of the Press T/N Series is 320 to 5130 kW. All of the burners in the series are designed and constructed with industrial and commercial installations only. Unlike the other oil burners that have been single or two stage units the Press T/N is a three-stage unit. This means that there are different firing rates for preset heating requirements. With the Press T/N, there is a factory-installed servomotor that will automatically adjust the air dampers to the opening of the valve to check on the fuel consumption of the burner. Installed in every model of the T/N series, there are two separate combustion head lengths, either short head or long head; these will be determined based on the application in which you are using them for.

There is also an electric pre-heater that has been installed to maintain the oil for the maximum temperature setting. If you would like to choose higher velocity oil, there are special kits available for you to do so. Another great product in the Riello Heavy Oil Burner is the RN series. This series offers 2 different models with a firing rate of 114 to 1481 kW. These burners were designed to be used in hot and super hot boilers, hot air or steam generators. This is a two-stage oil burner that has a LED Panel installed to alert the maintenance department or homeowner how the burners are operating.

In this heavy oil burner all of the important parts are assembled in a separate part of the burner called the BAG. This makes installation and maintenance easy. There are some accessories that you can purchase to make the burner more efficient than it already is. These burners are made from high quality materials and because Riello only uses the best, it can be guaranteed that these are reliable and dependable burners. The RN heavy oil burner has a setting for fuel recycling; this will save you money and energy in the long run. The delivery for stage 1 of the RN burner is 30.00 and the delivery on the second stage is 100.00. The pump inside the burner has a delivery rate of 170.00 Kg. The burners maximum temperature pressure is 40.00 degrees. All of the heavy oil fired burners are well designed with the most current technology. Riello offers their customers nothing but the best. All burners are fired and tested before leaving the factory. Riello prides themselves on their products but their customer service as well. If you have any questions, call your local Riello representative and ask them any questions that you may have regarding any of their oil burners. You will 100% satisfied with your Riello experience.


  1. Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

    wir sind interessiert an einem Schweroelbrenner im kleinen Leistungsbereichbis (bis max 200 kW).
    Nach unseren Informationen bieten Sie Schweroelbrenner ab 34 kW an?
    Bitte lassen Sie uns dazu Informationen zukommen.

    BEA Naturoel AG
    Landreiterstr. 6
    18147 Rostock
    Fax 0381/690473

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