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Replacement RIDGID Parts Easy As 1 2 3


RIDGID Tools are like no other in the Plumbing, Heating, and many other industries. In fact The RIDGID Tool Company has been around for over 70+ years and everyday more and more people have smiles on there faces when then purchase their first RIDGID Tool or add an additional tool to the chest of tools. Every once and a while though you will need to buy replacement RIDGID parts for your tools. The good news is that RIDGID has a full line of replacement parts that are widely available for almost all of their tools. Replacement RIDGID Parts Easy As 1 2 3

There are a few ways you can buy replacement RIDGID parts for your tools. Let’s say your a plumber or a heating guy or gal. You can go to your local plumbing supply house and ask the guy at the counter for the parts that you might need for your pipe cutters etc. Some of the most common parts like tubing cutter wheels, pipe dies, pipe wrenches can be found right there at your local plumbing & heating supply house.

Now let’s say you need a more difficult part to find, lets say for a drain cleaning machine or even a pipe threader. You can ask your local plumbing supply house to order those parts for you or you could go online and order the parts for your RIDGID tool yourself. The next question you might be asking yourself is “where online can I buy RIDGID Replacement Parts?”. Well the answer to that is simple, you can buy parts directly online from the RIDGID Parts Online website located at RIDGID PARTS.

The nice part about RIDGID Replacement Parts website is that you can look up your part by catalog number which will save you tons of time. If you are not sure what part you need you can also call 866-539-1710 for assistance to make sure you get the correct replacement part for your tool. Ordering your part from RIDGID Tools is just as easy. You just select the product class or catalog number, then you select the model and assembly, then select the part that you need. You can place a secure order for your parts with a major credit card and once you place your order you will receive real time order status as well. That’s something that not to many places offer these days.

If you need additional help, or you are having trouble finding a part you can always stop buy the RIDGID Tool Forum and ask for help from many of the other loyal RIDGID tool owners.


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