If you have a Hayward Super Pump powering your above ground or in ground pool then you will know from time to time you may develop some air leaks inside of the pump. This air that gets sucked in from the pump fittings will travel through the swimming pool plumbing and then wind up blowing bubbles from the return jets of your pool. A common mistake is that some people think the return line is leaking because they see the air coming from the returns lines but in fact the air is being drawn into the pump from the suction side.There are a few places on the Hayward Super Pump that you will want to make sure are sealed well.

How To Check The Pump Suction Fitting For Leaks

On the front of the super pump inside of the suction opening you will find a PVC fitting that is screwed into place. Hayward Super Pump Front ViewThis fitting commonly leaks because the thread sealant or Teflon tape has worn off because the filter system has been disassembled and reassembled a few times. Another reason the suction fitting could be leaking is because the pump ran dry (with out water) and that created some steam inside of the pump and then expanded the suction threads a bit. To correct an over heated pump fitting that is loose on the suction side, you will want to wrap the suction fitting with Teflon tape and then some thread sealant. So if you find that the suction fitting is loose in the from of your super pump, now you now what to do.

How To Check & Tighten The Super Pump Drain Plugs

The next thing you will want to make sure is not leaking on your Hayward Super Pump is the drain plugs on the wet end of the pump. the wet end of the pump is also what they call the pump housing.On this housing you will find two drain plugs. One is on the from of the pump housing and one is on the side. Depending on the age of your super pump will determine if you have tapered drain plugs that will require Teflon tape and thread sealant or if you have the newer style drain plugs which will have washers to seal the drain plugs.

So now that you know that there are two different types of drain plugs you will need to know how to repair them so they stop allowing air to be sucked into the pump which will create air bubbles in the pool jets. So if you have the tapered drain plugs you will want to remove them from the pump and then wrap them with some Teflon tape. You will then want to thread them back into the wet head / pump housing.
Hayward Super Pump Side
If you have the newer style of Hayward Pump Housing drain plugs you will need to remove them as well and then inspect the rubber washer that is on the drain plug. In some extreme cases you will see that the rubber washer is all dried out from age. Sometimes you will remove the drain plug and find that the rubber washer is completely missing. Either way, if your rubber washer is damaged or missing you will need to replace it so the super pump will no longer suck air through the drain plug.

You can find replacement pump housing drain plugs for the Hayward Super pump online where swimming pool pump parts are sold or you can buy them from a local swimming pool supply store in your hometown area.

Tools You Will Need To Check The Super Pump For Air leaks

If your Hayward Super pump is still connect to the filter system you will need to remove it by loosing the unions that should be on the suction side and the discharge side of the pump. You can loosen these unions with a large pair of channel lock pliers. Once you have the pump removed you will need a 9/16″ open end wrench or socket to remove and replace the drain plugs. You then will need some Teflon Tape and thread sealant to seal the pump housing drain plugs.

If you need any additional help repairing your Hayward pump or you cannot figure out how your getting air into your swimming pool plumbing, you can leave a comment below and we will try to help you out or at least answer some questions you have.