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Preventing Boiler Puff Backs


During the winter season many boilers will “Puff back” which is a term for blowing lots of smoke into your boiler room. The reason this happens is because the boiler is not cleaned and not adjusted correctly.

Most puff backs can be avoided if the boiler or the oil fired water heater are kept in good shape and taken care of by an oil burner service professional. The service professional can adjust and replace all the parts that are wearing out or possibly failing on your boilers burner.

Boiler Puff Back

There are some common names in the home heating industry like Beckett and Carlin oil burners. These oil burners attach to many different types of boilers and when they are taken care of they can provide warm heat for hours upon hours during the winter or heating season.

Making Sure The Technician Is Licensed & Insured

When the times comes to have your oil burner inspected or serviced you will always want to make sure that you find a professional that is licensed and insured to work on your home heating system. It takes many years of proper training and certification to learn how to work on and adjust an oil burner.

The oil burner repair technician will have special tools and equipment to check the C02 levels in your chimney as well.

What Parts Are Included Or Needed?

The oil burner service tech will bring a few things with him to repair and get your burner in top shape. One of the most important thing that will be changed during your oil burner tune up is the oil filters.

There are two oil filters that need to be changed. One is on the oil pump and one is in-line with the oil tank. After the oil burner tech changed the oil filters he will then change the oil burner nozzle.

The oil burner nozzle is not something that you will want to change out yourself. There are many different types of nozzles that allow certain amounts of fuel inside the burner. Failure to install the proper oil burner nozzle will make your oil burner unsafe. This is something that you will want to leave to the professionals.

Shopping Around For The Best Oil Burner Service

Before you just go out and pick any service company you should make sure they have a good rating. You can go to their facebook page or even Angieslist and see what others are saying about them before you hire them. There are also many other review websites that you can check out.

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