WeT HeaD KnowledgeNow is the time of year when homeowners are considering replacing that old water heater in the basement but they are not sure what they are looking for. We can help; one of the most thermal efficient water heaters in the business is the Polaris High Efficiency Residential Gas Fired Water Heater. The efficiency rating is an impressive 96% thermal efficiency. With little to none heat loss when the water heater is on standby. This water heater will provide you many years of hot water and it will save you money as well.

The Polaris High Efficiency Residential Gas Fired Water Heater can be used with homes that have dishwashers, multiple showers, washing machines and even hot tubs. These Polaris models offer heat up to 255 gallons per hour at a 90 degree Fahrenheit temperature. Other water heaters only offer about 41 gallons per hour. When you use the water heater in combination with space heating, the water heater is a great partner with Forced Air Hydronic Heating. The water heater can be utilized with an air handler for a comfortable forced hot hydronic space heating. You can also use the High Efficiency Residential Gas Fired Water Heater with Radiant Heating as well. The water heater has a capacity for up to 199,000 Btu’s per hour, which is perfect to comfortably heat most homes whether they are large or small homes. There are 7 different model numbers for the Polaris Water Heater; they have a gallon capacity of 34 gallon or a 50-gallon tank. The Btu’s range from 100,000 Btu’s to 199,000 Btu’s per hour.

The water heater uses a brushless DC blower that pre-purges the combustion chamber for about 8 seconds and then it shuts off. When the blower is on, it mixes the air and gas for the combustion chamber. The air and gas mixture is then pushed through a metal fiber burner and then the hot surface igniter ignites the combustion. The flame is distributed evenly throughout the burner, which gives off a cleaner burning combustion and low NOx emissions. Some of the other great features of the Polaris High Efficiency Residential Gas Fired Water Heater are the Self Diagnostic Control System, often homeowners don’t pay too much attention to their water heaters and most often it is too late when a problem occurs but Polaris has made it easy for the homeowner to detect a problem. Polaris has installed a LED lights that show the operational status of the water heater.

Some other standard features are the Factory installed Temperature and Pressure Valve, the Factory installed Condensate Trap and a Full Flow Brass Drain Valve. These and other parts of the water heater can be accessed through the front panel access. Once you receive your Polaris High Efficiency Residential Gas Fired Water Heater is ready to be installed. The installer makes sure that you have a licensed and qualified installer to help you. Sometimes the warranty may be voided if you install the water heater and some thing goes wrong. The installer will connect the exhaust outlet, the air inlet, the water supply, gas supply, the electric supply and they will also set the temp and make sure the system is online. Now you are ready to enjoy hot water and heat for your home.