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Pentair Quad D.E. 60 Swimming Pool Filter


The Pentair Quad D.E60 Swimming Pool Filter is just one of the many great D.E Filters in the Pentair inventory of swimming pool products. Pentair has dubbed the Quad D.E 60 Swimming Pool Filter the Highest Water Clarity with the Lowest Amount of Fuss. This D.E Filter will save you time cleaning your pool this summer as well as save you money on the operating cost. This filter is from Pentair’s Eco Select Brand and that means that this filter will filter water more effectively, more efficiently, it offers a quieter operation as well as a longer lasting life span than other standard D.E Filters.

The reason why is that this filter requires a smaller pump or a swimming pool with lower pump speeds. This will save you money on energy as well as keep your swimming pool water cleaner, longer. You can spend less time worrying about the water quality of your swimming pool and more time enjoying it. Some of the features of the Pentair Quad D.E60 Swimming Pool Filter are the one of a kind internal flow path that guarantees better filtration as well as a more efficient backwashing. Pentair Quad D.E. 60 Swimming Pool Filter

The Pentair Quad D.E. 60 Swimming Pool Filter is constructed with a chemical resistant fiberglass polypropylene material that is reinforced for additional durability. This D.E filter offers an easy to remove cartridge elements that are easy to clean and easy to maintain. This will also help prolong the life of your filter. There are also 4 large cartridges that will give the maximum filter surface, which in turn will provide a larger area to trap dirt, dust and other particles that often contaminate our swimming pools. The large cartridges will also cut back on the amount of time that you will need to clean out the filter.

Pentair Quad D.E60 Swimming Pool Filter has a 60 square foot filtration capacity as well as 120 gallons per minute flow rate. Like the Triton II TR4o Sand Filter the Turnover Capacity is quite efficient. On an 8 hour run the filter can turnover 57,600 gallons of water, on a 10 hour run the turnover is 72,000 gallons of water and on a 12 hour run the capacity is 86,400 gallons of pool water. The amount of D.E required is 6 pounds. The Pentair Quad D.E. 60 Swimming Pool Filter is priced between $ 600 and $ 660, depending on where you decide to make your purchase. You can purchase the Pentair Quad D.E. 60 Swimming Pool Filter online or ask your local swimming pool supply store if they carry Pentair Filters.

Pentair offers a One Year Limited Warranty. To register your warranty, you have can log onto the Pentair website and enter in your necessary information. To ensure that your warranty stays in force, make sure that you register the warranty before the deadline. Read all of the warranty information that comes with your new Pentair Quad D.E60 Swimming Pool Filter. The manufacturer recommends that you read of the necessary clearances and installation recommendations before installation.

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