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Pentair JWP Series Swimming Pool Pump


The JWP Series Swimming Pool Pump offers high performance pump that is deigned for above ground swimming pools as well as smaller size in ground swimming pools. The JWP Series Pumps are available in 7 different categories, JWP with a 3 Ft Cord and 3 Prong Grounded Plug, 3 Ft Cord and NEC Twist Loc Plug, JWP without Cord, 2 Speed without Cord, 2 Speed JWP with 3 Ft Cord and a 3 Prong Grounded Plug and JWP with 25 FT Cord, Canopy and an On / Off Switch and the 50 Hz 5JWP Series Pumps.

Some of the features of the JWP Series Pool Pump are that they have an easy to twist of the clear view trap lid. It has a quick disconnect unions, which are sold separately, this will provide faster take down for the winter. The pump has an all weather motor that can withstand the toughest operation. These pumps were designed with a hydraulic design that will move more water with less energy. This can save you money on operating costs and quieter operation. Pentair JWP Series Swimming Pool Pump

The Pentair JWP Series Swimming Pool Pump offers easy cleaning and easy access for maintenance. When the time comes to clean the basket, just by twisting the lid you have access to a large size strainer basket. All you need to do is take the basket and empty by removing all of the debris. Then attach the clear trap lid. It is quick and easy, even a first time swimming pool owner can do it.

All of the pumps have a 115 motor voltage except for the 50 Hz 5JWP Series Pumps they have a 230 motor voltage. The horsepower ranges from ¾ horsepower to 1-1/2 horsepower. These pumps have a basic installation and they can withstand the hottest temperature and the worst weather conditions. You are guaranteed many years of service. There are replacement parts available as well as accessories as 3 Ft Cords, elevated pump base kit, acrylic trap for the pump lid and the union.

Before installing the pump, it is important to read the installation instructions. Pentair recommends that the pump be placed, as close to the possible to the swimming pool as you can but it should not be more than 3 feet above pool water level. The pump should be solid, placed on a level sturdy, vibration free surface.
Make sure that all of the air is bled from the system before pressure testing. Before choosing the right model, make sure that you choose the horsepower and electrical ratings that would best benefit your swimming pool.

The Pentair JWP Series Swimming Pool Pump can be found at your local swimming pool supply stores and anyplace where Pentair products are sold. There are many online websites that carry the Pentair JWP Series Swimming Pool Pump. The cost of the Pentair JWP Series Swimming Pool Pump ranges from $ 240.00 to $ 399.00 depending in single or two speeds and which horsepower pump you choose.


  1. I have a below ground swimming pool – it is approx 35′ x 25′ x 6′ – I am finding that my pump no longer has enough pressure to enable me to filter the dirt off the bottom of the pool (I may need a new pump!). However, I would like to consider buying an external pump for cleaning purposes. Please advise what is available and cost.

    BTW, how do I establish that my existing pump needs replacing – I have tried back wash/ closing valves/ continuous cleaning of filter box attached to pump. It is pulling but not much strength although sometimes it does actually draw well?

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