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Paloma Series 7.4 Tankless Water Heater


WeT HeaD KnowledgePaloma Tankless Water Heaters is made by a company called Low Energy Systems in 1977. The company has specialized in tankless water heaters as well as other gas heating products. Paloma Tankless Water Heaters has a complete line of water heaters for both residential as well as commercial applications. Paloma Tankless Water Heaters offers both indoor and outdoor installations. One of the premier selling tankless water heaters from Paloma is the Series 7.4 Water Heaters.

All Paloma Tankless Water Heaters are very energy efficient with a rating between 80% and 99%. When you choose a Paloma Tankless Water Heater you are actually saving money while you are not using the hot water. With this system you can save up to 20% of the energy bill. The reason for this is simple, tankless water heaters do not have a standby so there is no heat loss while the tank water heaters lose heat when they are on standby mode.

Another great thing about the Paloma Tankless Water Heater is that they have a longer life expectancy than water heaters with tanks. There is no corrosion from tankless water heaters because there is no water stored like in the tank water heaters. Let’s take a look at the Paloma Series 7.4 Tankless Water Heaters and see what they have to offer.

Paloma Series 7.4 Model PH-28RIFS Tankless Water Heater

The Paloma Series 7.4 Model PH-28RIFS Tankless Water Heater offers some great features. When you purchase a Paloma Series 7.4 you will receive a tankless water heater that has an auto recovery function and an endless stream of hot water just when you need it. The PH-28RIFS offers a 30% more energy efficient water heater than other water heaters. This water heater has a remote control display that shows allows you to adjust the temperature settings.

The Paloma Series 7.4 Indoor installation tankless water heater offers low NOX emissions that meets and exceeds all of the national standards. This Series has an extensive diagnostic and error display system. If the water heater is experiencing a problem then you will know before a larger problem emerges. The Paloma offers three great safety features, the system has a flame failure safety device, a one of a kind film that is wrapped around the overheat system. Lastly, the 7.4 Series offers a sensing burner safety system that shuts down the water heater in the event of raised levels of Carbon Monoxide in the system.

The Paloma Series 7.4 has a 12-year warranty on the heat exchanger, a 5-year warranty on parts and 1-year warranty on service. Where else can you find such an impressive warranty? The Paloma Series 7.4 Model PH-28RIFS Tankless Water Heater starts at around $ 949.00.

Paloma Series 7.4 Model PH-28ROF Gas Tankless Water Heater

The Paloma Series 7.4 Model PH-28ROF Residential Outdoor Gas Tankless Water Heater offers an automatic recovery function. Like the PH-28RIFS Tankless Water Heater, this model offers a 30% more energy efficient operation. This model offers a self-diagnostic program that alerts the homeowner to problems as they begin. This can help save you money on repairs and labor costs. This tankless water heater has a built in electric blower and it has an advanced control system that is used to help increase the energy efficiency as well as enhance the safety features.

Like the PH-28RIFS, this model offers a sensing burner safety feature. It also comes with an ICAD safety System that can monitor the Carbon Monoxide in the system. The best parts of the PH-28ROF are the accessories. Paloma has available remote controls that can be placed in the kitchen or laundry room and a secondary remote control that can be used in the bathroom. These controls can adjust the temperature setting in the tankless water heater from 100 degrees and 120 degrees.

The PH-28ROF Model has a 12 year warranty on the heat exchanger and a 5 year warranty on all parts. It also carries a 1-year warranty on service. The Paloma Series 7.4 Model PH-28ROF gas Tankless Water Heater is priced at $ 919.00. Paloma Tankless Water Heater from Low Energy Systems is a great way to get an endless stream of hot water as well as saving money on your heating system. You will be able to have back-to-back showers even in the coldest of winter. You will be able to take a shower and run the dishwasher at the same time. Low Energy Systems offers a free pressure relief valve if you order on their website. With homeowners looking to save money, the Paloma Tankless Water Heaters are a great way to save money on both your energy bills and your water bills too. Take a look at what the other water heaters have going for them and compare with Paloma, you may be surprised.


  1. I get a lot of work from Home Depot in Florence Kentucky and on more than one occaision I’ve been given Paloma brochures to read up on the product in case I get called/referred to install one. I believe they told me that they sell about 3-4 Paloma tankless water heaters a month and I do get calls for pricing, but for the most part the purchasers take it upon themselves to do it themselves.

    The Home Depot in my area has been selling Paloma Tankless Water Heaters for some time, and they bring in a product display truck on customer appreciation days to show off their product line. Soon enough I’ll be installing one of these units for a customer in my area.

  2. I bought the 7.4 unit about 4 years ago and installed it without removing my 50 gallon water heater, and so far have not needed to use the tank water heater. I have developed a problem this week, where the control system has shut down on me with no codes, I turn it back on and run for a logn time then the next day, I find it powered off agian. I’m going to make sure adequate water is going through the unit and make sure the inlet water filter is clear. Vents are clean and there is adequate ventilation. Has worked flawless until these recent issues. Hopefully something minor. I have saved a lot of money with this unit. I’m extremely satisfied. I was going to buy the Bosch unit but at the time they could not match the specs on the Paloma.

    • Hey Ed, I see it has been a while since your post but I am having the same problem. Did you ever get it fixed? I have been surfing looking for an answer but have not found anything yet.

  3. My paloma 7.4 has been shutting off for 3 weeks intermittently. it gives a code that does not show up in the manual. I have spent more on repair calls to have guys show and tell me they have to order parts from paloma but they don’t know whaqt the problem is because the code means nothing to them. don’t buy one. . it’s a piece of sh!t.

  4. I bought a Paloma PTG-42-PV about 4 years ago. After listening to my wife yell at me too many times about no hot water, I pulled it out. The slightest blink in the power and it shuts off. We live in the country, so our power is not the cleanest. I should not need to buy a battery back-up for a water heater! Also, I had to remove all the flow restrictors to get the faucets to flow enough to get the thing to fire! The dishwasher still will not pull enough to fire it. It takes 3/4 gpm to fire this unit, most other heaters take only 1/2 gpm. If having a well might be a problem with these things, it should be stated. I have installed 2 Bosch units for people and they have had no similar problems. I tried to contact their non-existant customer service depart at least 4 times and have had no response to date. This is to say I never miss an opportunity to let anyone within earshot about my experience with the company and it’s product. I reinstalled it again when the electric tank I replaced it with started to leak. Again I was having the same problems.
    I made a sort of hybrid system by installing a 12 gallon electric tank after the tankless unit to take care of most of the problems we have been having.

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