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Noritz N-0751M Tankless Water Heater


Noritz N-0751M Tankless Water HeaterNoritz was first established in 1951 at the time their first product was gas bathway heaters. In 1963, they came up with their first line of oil boilers. It wasn’t until the 70’s when the Noritz came out with their first gas water heater. Since then they have been a leading manufacturer in the industry. One of their premier series is the 0751 Gas Fired Tankless Water Heaters. There are 4 different models in the series.

The N-0751M Series is perfect for middle size homes that have up to 4 showers, not many homes have 4 showers but you get the idea. The N-0751M has an outdoor and an indoor installation. The other models in the series are the N-0751M-OD, which is an outdoor model. The N-0751M-DV and the N-0751M-DVC are indoor installations. All of the water heaters in the N-0751M Series have high efficiency ratings of 82% and higher. The N-0751M Series offers many great features such as the Noritz one of a kind dual flame burner, this design will help eliminate the amount of temperature fluctuations that many water heaters experience. The unit has a safety lock out; this has a default maximum of 120 degrees. There are 14 different temperature settings.
Noritz N-0751M Tankless Water Heater
The N-0751M offers a turbo flow rate of up to 9.8 gallons per minute at a 35 degrees temperature rise. The unit is a direct ignition system that has no standby pilot light. The water heater has fully modulating adjustable burners that sets the levels properly. The N-0751M offers a choice in Natural Gas or Liquid Propane. The features of this water heater are the self-diagnostic onboard computer system, a back up battery and a digital remote. Once you have installed your N-0751M either outdoors or indoors, there are some safety precautions that the company wants you to be aware of. It is not recommended that you drink the water that has been inside the unit for along period of time. It is also recommended that you don’t drink the first use of hot water from the heater in the morning.

Always keep on top of maintenance, for example, make sure that you clean the filter on the water inlet as often as the manufacturers recommends. It is important to the quality of the water. Keep the space around the water heater clean and dust and debris free. It is not recommended that you take apart the remote control for any reason and never get the remote control wet. The Noritz Water Heaters offer a 10-year warranty and 3 years on parts if you order a N-0751M, N-0751M-OD or a N-0751-DV. The N-0751M-DVC offers a 12-year warranty, 5 years on parts and a year on labor. This model is only good for indoor installations. These water heaters are all residential style gas fired water heaters. They are reliable and dependable. Unlike some of the other brands, they offer a great warranty and they are made with high quality parts. The Noritz N-0751M has some great features that may be just what you are looking for. Read all of the information before purchasing a Noritz water heater, they offer manufacturer recommendations such as PVC cannot be used for venting. If you are a fan of using PVC then this may not be the water heater for you.


  1. Please tell me what annual Maint is required> I have a N 0663 tank for about a year and a half and have done no maint. on it. Can you help?

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