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My Hayward Power Flo Pump Just Hums


My Hayward Power Flo Pump Just HumsQuestion:
My Hayward Power Flo pump just hums when I turn it on. Was running fine less then 24 hours ago. Any suggestions?



Take a small hammer and tap the motor casing a few times, This can “free up” any dirt / rust on the motor armature,

If tapping the pump motor a few times does not get the pump to go, let me know and I can suggest something else.

You might also want to check out this video:

My Pool Pump Motor Is Humming

If you inspect the pool pump capacitor and gone bad, then you can replace by following the instruction here:

Place the pump motor in a vertical position and locate the plastic cap. You will see the end of the motor shaft, and there will be a slot for you to stick a screwdriver in, so that you can spin it. You can try to spin it in the clockwise direction and quickly hit the power switch on to see if it starts. If it doesn’t even after you spin it few times, then you may want to examine the capacitor.

Using multimeter, you can tell if the capacitor has gone bad or not. Take extra caution when you take it off the system as it might cause you an electrical shock. Also check the replacement part’s specification as there will be various model depending on the manufacturer.

Also check if the centrifugal switch got stuck in open position or some other foreign materials are in the way to make it partially open.

Let me know if you need more help.



  1. My pummp isn’t very old…and I was told I could cut the pump off at night and just run it during the day to save energy. My first attempt of this was last night…and now when I cut it on it just hummmmmms. The motor bearing/part is extremely HOT-I cut it off-and I’m wondering if this tap tap tapparoo will work on it. What else could it be?

  2. My hayward Power Flo max is just humming, worked fine 2 days ago when I pumped my pool out now won’t turn over just hums. Motor is free and can turn.

  3. My pump seems to be working fine but high pitch whiring sound. Tried releasing air pump repriming pump, at a loss. Even tried the taping with malot

  4. I just replaced Hayward Super Pump. reviewing the chart of descriptions #9 Diffuser was not in the box that I just purchased. However the old pump did not have a diffuser on it either.
    I have wired everything per instructions. I turn the pump to ON position motor comes on but only for a few seconds and shuts off…
    any advice???

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