Hi. My Hayward Chlorinator is leaking through the top part. I will try to replace the O Ring first but what else could cause this? It seems the water keeps filling all the way to the top and is overflowing through the cap. I backwashed checked for leaks elsewhere nothing.My Hayward Chlorinator Is Leaking Through The Top Part


Hello RevBev,

When you say “Top Part” I think you mean the top cover of the Hayward CL220 Chlorinator, am I correct?

Chances are you will need to replace the o-ring inside of the cover of the Hayward Chlorinator This will stop the cover from leaking 95% of the time. The worst case could be that the Chlorinator tank could be warped from the Chlorine gas building up inside. I would recommend changing the o-ring that is inside of the Chlorinator top.

Let me know if you need more help,