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Mr. Heater Big Maxx 45,000 BTU Propane Unit Heater


Mr. Heater has a wide variety of heaters from Infrared Heat Heaters to Low Intensity Tube Heaters but one of the most popular is the Big Maxx Propane Heater. The Big Maxx has been approved for residential garages and commercial buildingsMr Heater Big Maxx 45,000 BTU Propane Unit Heater. These heaters offer quiet operation and can heat up to 700 square feet or a 3-car garage. That is a powerful heater and it only needs 1″ clearance from the ceiling so if you have a low ceiling, these heaters are perfect for you.

Some of the great features of this heater is a tubular heat exchanger that will get the maximum amount of efficiency, which offers a longer life. The heater uses a spark ignition that includes a self-diagnostic control module. You will find these heaters in residential garages, warehouses, storage buildings, metal buildings and agricultural buildings. These units can be easily installed from the ceiling with 2 angle brackets that come with the heater. You will also get a power exhaust that will provide either vertical or horizontal venting. The Big Maxx was designed for either right or left side venting. These are just some of the features for easy installation. For built in dependability, the Big Maxx offers an aluminized tubular heat exchanger that was designed with the most efficiency and a longer life span.
Mr. Heater Big Maxx 45,000 BTU Propane Unit Heater
The Big Maxx offers 4 different models number each with an Input BTU range from 45,000 and 75,000 Btu’s per hour to an Output of 36,450 Btu’s to 60,000 Btu’s. The horsepower on these heaters are 1/20 and 1/10. The electrical supply that is needed is 115 volts, single phase and 60 Hz. The Mr. Heater Big Maxx 45,000 BTU Propane Unit Heaters are single fan units with 4 blades. The flue size connection is 3″ and a gas connection of 1/2″. You want to make sure that your venting specs are 100%. The venting system is a path either horizontally or vertically installed that the gases from the heater follow to the outside. If the venting is not done properly there could some health risks.

It is very important to read all of the manuals and instructions before installing anything. It would be a good idea to have a professional install anything that has to do with natural gas or propane. Once you have the unit installed, before you start the system, make sure that you don’t smell any propane or gas. Make a note to smell by the floor and not just around the top of the unit. When lighting the heater, always use your hands, never use tools of any kind. Too much pressure on the knob can cause a fire or worse. These units are equipped with a safety shutdown, in the event of this happening; make sure you read the manual on how to restart the system. You always want to practice safety when working with these units. That is why it is important to have a professional do the installation as well as the lighting of the system. You want to make sure that everyone is safe when lighting the system. The Big Maxx is one of Mr. Heater’s premier propane heaters. If you are looking to heat your garage or your place of business, look into the Mr. Heater Big Maxx 45,000 BTU Propane Unit Heaters. It is everything you want and more.


  1. There was no installation manual in the shipping box for my new Big Maxx 45,000 btu. Can you email me a copy PLEASE .It is getting cool and I want heat in my shop. Regards, Bernie Lajoie

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