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Mirror Mirror… Décor Tips for On and Off the Wall


Using mirrors in your home décor planning can add a dazzling effect to any room, especially if you have a small room you want to make appear larger or a dark room you want to lighten up. Unfortunately, mirrors are probably one of the most under-used decorating items.

Getting the Most from Frames

Frames come in just as much variety as ice cream, so no matter what your home’s style is you’re sure to be able to find frames that fit in accordingly. From traditional wooden frames to trendy, decorated finishes, mirror frames can easily add that missing element to the room. Just choose a style and look that is in line with the style of your furniture and decor.

On another note, many more modern style mirrors don’t even come with frames. You can mix and match them and hang several together in an area to create an original ‘work of art’ that demands to be admired.

What Are You Reflecting?

When you’re deciding where to hang mirrors, realize what it is you’ll be reflecting if you want to get the best use out of them. For instance, it’s very common to hang a big mirror above a mantelpiece. Sometimes this looks great. But if you mantle is high, then step back and look… chances are that you’re reflecting your plain white ceiling. Right?

Another thing to remember when hanging mirrors above the mantle, couch or some other large area is keeping the proportions in-check. Don’t hang a mirror that is wider and overhangs the object in front of it. On the other hand you don’t want it to be too small, either. Aim for a width between 2/3 and full width of the object. If the mirror is too narrow, then use a group of mirrors. Several long, narrow vertical mirrors that evenly spread across the right width can do the trick, too.

Windows, Windows

Mirrors are great for creating illusions. Hang a mirror opposite from a window to bring in more natural light and give the appearance of the room having another window. You can even hang one between two windows to give the illusion of multiple windows in a row.

Unusual Mirror Décor

Mirrors on the wall are beautiful if done right, but most people just stop there. Why? There are tons of things you can do to make use of mirrors that do not include hanging them on the walls. One very dramatic use is ‘table dropping’ Place a long, elegant (frameless) mirror down the center of your dining table. This is especially breathtaking in a romantic dinner setting with roses and candles on the table. It’s also delightful during the holidays, reflecting the festive holiday colors, decorations and food.

Use small upright mirrors on an end table with a candle paced in front of it.

One last thought… why not buy tiny little mirrors (look at your local craft store) and decorate with them? You could run a group of them up and down your bottom staircase poles, the inside edge of a bar frame or even add them to cabinet doors, window sills or throw pillows.

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