MEYCO Pool Covers started back in 1960 when the owner Fred J. Meyer was issued a United States Patent for the invention of the swimming pool cover. By 1965, MEYCO Pool Covers started showing the public with the use of elephants how strong their swimming pool covers were. Since then the company has only grown. Today, millions of swimming pools all over the world have MEYCO covers. What makes MEYCO different than the other safety covers out there?MEYCO Pool Covers

MEYCO Pool Covers put much thought into what makes a good, reliable swimming pool cover and they have come up with some principles that they go with every time they create a cover. The first is Safety; MEYCO Pool Covers are designed with the safety of the swimming pool but safety with children and pets in mind. All pool covers must meet a certain standard for safety but MEYCO Pool Covers exceed all of them. The company claims that their swimming pool covers can withstand about 4,500 pounds of tension.
MEYCO Pool Covers
Maintenance is another basic principle of making the safety covers. MEYCO Pool Covers manufactures the Mesh Cover; these covers are great because it removes the need to pump off the surface of your swimming pool cover, which in many cases a lot of water makes the cover weaker. By using a MEYCO Pool Covers, you won’t have to ever vacuum off the cover again and when it comes time to open the swimming pool, you won’t spend time doing that or you will save money but not having to hire someone to do it for you. MEYCO Pool Covers come in standard swimming pool sizes and if you have an odd shaped swimming pool then MEYCO takes in custom orders. They can even design you a cover that includes covering any rock designs, waterfalls or walls of the swimming pool. MEYCO Pool Covers offer a 12-year warranty on all of their covers whether they are standard or custom made.

MEYCO Pool Covers offer three different styles of safety covers, the Meyco Lite; the advantage of this cover is that is lightweight and low maintenance. The Meyco Lite comes in Green, Blue, Black, Grey and Mocha. The Rugged Mesh Cover offers cleaner water and less maintenance. The Rugged Mesh is available in Green. The PermaGuard Cover offers a Super Clean Pool Opening and it is available in Green, Blue and Black. If you are looking ahead to preserving your investment, take a look at what MEYCO Pool Covers have to offer. If you have any questions, feel free to contact them, they are there to help.