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LAARS Mini Therm Hydronic Boiler


>LAARS is a Heating Systems Company is a subsidiary of Bradford White Corporation. Both LAARS and Bradford White are two well-known names in the heating industry. LAARS has been serving the heating industry since 1948 when an engineer names Avy Miller started the company. LAARS Mini Therm Hydronic Boiler<!–SponsorAdOne–The company’s main objective was to utilize the idea of heating water rapidly as it passed through copper heat exchangers. Mr. Miller was the first person to design a unique method that would enhance his theory. The new concept was called Low Mass Technology. It soon took off like wildfire, other companies were adapting their own versions of the technology and it soon became popular all across the United States.

The tradition continued to grow and as technology became more advanced so did LAARS Boilers. Today, LAARS offers Residential Boilers with energy efficiency and the most current technology. One of the premier boilers in LAARS inventory is the Mini Therm Hydronic Boiler. This boiler is one of the most popular with residential homeowners. Let’s take a look at the LAARS Mini Therm Hydronic Boilers and see what makes them so special.

LAARS Mini Therm Hydronic Boilers Features:

LAARS Mini Therm Hydronic Boiler
One of the most obvious features of the Mini Therm Hydronic Boilers is the size. These boilers are small and compact, making them easy to install. They can save you money on your home heating bills even if you have a large house. You won’t have to make room for those oversized boilers anymore, the Mini Therm Hydronic Boilers can fit anywhere in the basement. One of the newest features of the Mini Therm Boiler is the new easy to maintain jacket.

The Mini Therm is available in 6 different sizes ranging from 50 to 225, which makes heating any size home possible. On the Mini Therm you will find a 2 stage firing modes (the on and off stage). This unit is equipped with a copper finned tube heat exchanger that is made with cast iron.

The Mini Therm Hydronic Boiler Models:

There are two popular models in the LAARS Mini Therm Hydronic Boilers Series, the JVT and the JVS. The JVT is a standing pilot ignition that is a single stage unit that is equipped with an on and off firing modes. The JVS is a spark ignition that also uses the on and off firing modes. The JVS models are used for the smaller size boilers, the 50 and the 75. But that doesn’t mean that these smaller units are not as energy efficient as the others. In fact, all of the boilers in the Mini Therm Series have an 84% energy efficiency.

LAARS Mini Therm JVi BoilerFeatures:

The Mini Therm JVi is equipped with an H.S.I, which stands for Hot Surface Ignition. This model comes in 6 different sizes like the JVT and the JVS. This boiler is equipped with on and off firing mode as well as a draft blower that allows the boiler to be installed either on the side wall or chimney venting. These models are easy to maintain and easy to install as well. The heating capacity on this series ranges from 41,500 Btu to 184,500 Btu’s. The energy efficiency on these boilers range from 82.2% to 83.4%.

Why Choose LAARS Mini Therm Hydronic Boilers?

LAARS is a company that has been around since 1948, their contributions to the heating industry is one of the most popular. Their creation of the Mini Therm Hydronic Boiler has become one of the most popular gas fired boilers with residential homeowners. Their size makes them easy to install, they are cost effective and they are reasonably priced. With LAARS Mini Therm Hydronic Boilers, they come in three models with three different firing ignitions. Choosing either the hot surface ignition, standing pilot or the intermittent ignition can help you decide which series is perfect for your home. The Mini Therm is a reliable boiler that requires very little maintenance. Each series offers either a natural or propane gas models too.

When you choose LAARS Boilers, you are choosing reliable, durable and long lasting heating systems. You get a great boiler that the company almost guarantees that you will save money on your bills with these boilers. But you have to remember that the boiler can only do so much, you have to do your part to help save money. Each Mini Therm Hydronic Boiler comes with a warranty; make sure that you read all of the warranty information and the installation clearance instructions before attempting to install. A professional installer should install these hydronic boilers because they are gas-fired boilers. You want to make sure that you keep the warranty in tact, so contact your local professional installer. Do some research and some comparison shopping and you will see that the LAARS Mini Therm Hydronic Boiler is right for you.


  1. dear sirs, I have a mini therm 2 under floor heating system and have recently experienced clanking ( thumping) noise when it is operating. I purchased the home from the owner who said that the instructions for the heater had been misplaced. Could you please tell me if this problem that i am having can be fixed or send me the instructions for purging the system. the model # is JUS160 NDI, natural Gas, 30 PSI max for altitudes 5001 to 8000 feet. Could you also refer me to someone in the Alamogordo, NM area that installs and repairs your product. My address is 27 pueblo trail, alamogordo, NM 88310. tel # 702 306 4065. thank you in advanced. Richard Gibbons

  2. I had the Laars Mini Therm JVS100 installed just after Hurricane Sandy and so far I’ve had 3 service calls. One for the expansion tank that went bad after 1 year. 2- Had to replace 2 stage gas valve (cost $500 parts and labor)3-Leaking relief valve twice. So far this unit has cost me over $1000 in repairs and it’s only 3 years old. Will never buy another Laars product again!

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  4. I purchased a Laars JVS 125 from a supplier in the metro Washington DC. Area last October 2021 and installed it that same month. Upon the homeowner firing it off this fall,2022, it started having intermittent flame failures. The only way to get the boiler back on was to cycle power to the boiler and the gas valve. The pilot assembly would light but the gas valve would not open. I replaced the gas valve and pilot assembly and the problem stopped. I turned in the old parts for warranty and was denied the claim. The boiler was not quite one month over a year from the install date. Come to find out the boiler was manufactured in 2019. Sat in a warehouse somewhere until I purchased it in October of 2021. The initial response from the factory was just that it was a 3 year old boiler. Until I told the local supplier to check their records on the sale. The local supplier then went back to the factory on the warranty parts which was again denied. One month out of warranty from the date of sale and install 10/30/21. Just a heads up if you are thinking of purchasing a LAARS boiler in the future.

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