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LAARS Mascot Wall Mounted Condensing Hydronic Boiler


LAARS began back in 1948 when the owner Avy Miller dedicated the company to heating rapidly by passing the water into a finned copper tube heat exchanger. The concept was being done by other companies so they created their own line of boilers for both commercial and residential homes.

LAARS has an impressive inventory of floor mounted boilers and wall hung boilers. Many homeowners are choosing wall-hung boilers these days since they don’t seem to have the room for the floor mounted.

One of LAARS Boilers is the Mascot Wall Mounted Condensing Hydronic Boiler. This boiler is compact and can fit in any basement or closet so you have more room for storage. The Mascot offers a high efficiency gas fired wall mounted boiler perfect for any home or business. These boilers have a 96% efficiency rating and they are 100% fully condensing boilers. There are 2 residential models in the Mascot Series, the HT330 and the HT1.330; these boilers are both fully capable of handing your home heating needs.

These boilers have a sleek contemporary design with an appliance grade cabinet that would be an asset to your home. These boilers each has a Grundfos Circulator Pump with an air vent and a quick remove mounting system for easy installation and for easy removal too. Each boiler has a 3-way valve that is used for domestic hot water. The units have a back flow preventer for safety. The primary heat exchanger is made from an A.S.M.E Stainless Steel.  It has an external welded manifold that adds better water flow rates and it will help eliminate leaking which will save you a lot of money. These boilers also have an advanced Siemens control System that includes a temperature control, diagnostic system and an outdoor reset.

You will also find that the Mascot Condensing Hydronic Boiler also has three different venting options and a modulating gas valve that has a range from 30% to 100%. Each boiler is set up for Natural Gas there are no other parts needed to convert this boiler to a liquid propane boiler. The expansion tank has the capacity to handle 26.4 gallons of water. You will get a complete piping kit complete with isolation valves, gas cock, domestic water connections adapters with unions and everything else you need and more to get your wall mounted boiler up and running. If you are tired of wasting money on home heating bills then it is time to make a change. Take a look at the LAARS Mascot Condensing Hydronic Boiler. Log onto the LAARS website and check out the Mascot and other great boilers. On the bottom of the page you will see a Contact Us link, click to get more information on where to purchase these highly efficient boilers and to get pricing.

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