More and more kitchen faucet designs are becoming more modern, they seem to have a flair to their design. People have their own styles and they don’t want the old-fashioned kitchen faucets, they want something with more pizzazz. This is where the Evoke Single Control Kitchen Sink Faucet. This faucet is available in three finishes, Vibrant Steel, Polished Chrome and Vibrant Polished Nickel. Kohler number for the Evoke Single Control Kitchen Sink is K-6333.Kohler Evoke Single Control Kitchen Sink Faucet

The Evoke Series of kitchen faucets have a fresh new look, gone are the boring old kitchen faucets. These faucets are simple and uncomplicated; they are available in 2 spout sizes and can be used as a primary and as a secondary sink. Kohler calls the style of the Evoke Faucets Streamline; it is contemporary and makes a statement about your style. With the spout reach available in a 7 inch and a 9″, this style of faucet will make clean up and food prep much easier. The spout on the Evoke Single Control Faucet reaches 360 degrees and has a 10-inch clearance from below the spout to the sink. Other faucets don’t leave enough room from the faucet to the sink; pots and dishes have to hold on angles in order to get them clean. But the Evoke Single Control Faucet those days are over. The design of this faucet is perfect for cleaning large pots and pans.
Kohler Evoke Single Control Kitchen Sink Faucet
The Evoke Model K-6333 has a ceramic disc valves that are made to last longer than any other in the industry. This model has coordinating faucets, Model K-6334 has a 9″ spout but comes with a side spray, and the K-6335 is for a secondary faucet and has a spout arc of 7″ and no side spray. The K-6336 is a secondary kitchen sink with a 7″ spout arc and a side spray. Choose which model is best for you.

The Kohler Evoke Single Control Kitchen Sink Faucet meets with all of the Code and Standards including the Energy Policy Act of 1992. The Kohler Evoke Single Control Kitchen Sink Faucet ha s a lower water flow aerator options that you can purchase, the faucet uses 2.2 gallons per minute for maximum flow rate. It has a 360-degree swing spout and an integral back backflow preventer. The Evoke Single Control Kitchen Sink Faucet has a high temperature limit setting for safety. This style faucet has a temperate setting, where you can set your own water temperature and when you turn on the faucet for dishes or food prep, the water will be the temp you set them at. The faucets are made with a one piece, self-contained ceramic disc; this piece controls the volume of the water for water conservation and for temp control. If you want to check out some of the other Kohler products you can visit your local home improvement showroom. Kohler has so many different styles; it may be hard to choose which style is right for you.