WeT HeaD KnowledgeKenmore is one of the leaders in the home appliance industry. They make high quality products that have a great reputation as well as a long lasting product line. You may have seen the name Kenmore on refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines and dryers. Kenmore offers energy efficient products that are rated with the Energy Star Rating (the best rating system in the United States).

One of their high performance products in the Kenmore line is the Whole House Water Filter. More and more homeowners these days are trying to save money while trying to get cleaner, healthier water. But buying a water filter for each sink in the house can prove to be expensive. So why not invest in a whole house water filter. These filters are not as expensive as you may think, they run anywhere from $ 35 to $ 75. These Kenmore Whole House Water Filters are designed to reduce the amount of chemicals and particles in your water supply. One of these Whole House Water Filters is the Kenmore 38445. This systems uses a 3/4″ inlet and outlet connections for your house and for the under the sink installation. The system uses a clear filter system so you can see what your filter has been catching. The Kenmore 38445 has particle removal as well as a feature that removes the bad taste and odor from the water you are drinking. This unit is compact in size; the measurements are 14-3/10″ in height, 5-1/5″ in width and 6-3/10″ in length.

The other Kenmore Whole House Water Filter is a Heavy Duty Whole House Water Filter 38448. The Heavy Duty Filter will improve the taste and the texture of your drinking water. The Kenmore 38448 has a clear housing so you can see all of the dirt and particles that the filter is preventing from getting it into your water. The Heavy Duty Whole House Water Filter uses a 1″ connection from house and under the sink applications. With the heavy-duty whole house system it has a specially designed filter for customized applications. This unit like the other uses a particle removal feature as well as feature that helps remove the bad taste and odors from your drinking water. This unit is compact and measures in 14-9/10 ” in height, 7-1/2″ in width and length.

These units are well recommended by other consumers who have these unit s installed into their homes. To avoid any problems with installation, it is recommended that you hire a qualified professional to install these filters. They come with a general warranty. Make sure you read and understand all of the warranty information. Shop around and see if you can find competitive prices. You can find these Kenmore Whole House Water Filters in any place where they sell Kenmore products.