Safety should be a number one priority around the home and around the swimming pool. Everything from pool alarms to ladders and railings should be safe and secured. The last thing that you may think of when it comes to in-ground swimming pool safety is the handrails that lead into the swimming pool. Handrails can become slippery when existing the swimming pool. So you want to make sure that the handrails that you choose are perfectly safe.In-Ground Swimming Pool Handrails

Not only should handrails be safe so swimmers will not slip while entering or existing the swimming pool. Handrails should also be tightly secured so when adults or children are getting into and out of the swimming pool. So we have complied a list of some of the handrails that can be used to establish security for swimmers.

Swimming Pool 3-Bend 6ft Standard Handrail

Swimming Pool 3-Bend 6ft Standard Handrail
These handrails are made for residential swimming pools. They are constructed with stainless steel with an outside diameter of 1.90″ and a thickness of .049 “. Each handrail is made with a durable 304-polished stainless steel. The handrails are designed to be installed parallel with the angle of the swimming pool steps.As you install these handrails you have to make sure that they are anchored properly. A suitable anchor would be such materials as concrete, fiberglass or shot Crete. These handrails have two options, there is Escutcheon, these are recommended oblong escutcheons, which is about 4 inches in length and is constructed with a chrome plated cast brass. These are tamper resistant stainless steel screws. Anchor Assemblies are also optional, these are what the manufacturer recommends, and they are anchor sockets with bronze casting. They are intended for extremely heavy-duty use, meaning that there is a lot of traffic near your swimming pool.

Stair Rails

In-ground swimming pools are the most dangerous to enter and exit. These Stair Rails or handrails can be found on the website Pool Warehouse. Some of the features of these handrails are they are durable and long lasting with a .049 inch wall with a stainless steel construction. The anchors and the escutcheons are sold separately. The Stair Rails are also available in 5 different powder coated finishes; the finishes include Earth, Light Gray, Hammer Tone Gray, Copper Vein and White.

Swimming Pool Stainless Steel 4 Bend Step Rail

These Swimming Pool Stainless Steel 4 Bend Step Rails are made from a durable and long lasting .049-inch wall stainless steel threads. The handrails have standard features that include the 54-inch Angled Deck Mounted Residential Stair Rail. These rails measure in at 1.9 ” of outer diameter and made with a 304 stainless steel with a wall thickness of .049 inches. The escutcheon and the anchors that are ordered separately.

You have to be careful with stainless steel handrails, even though are being installed outside near a swimming pool; there are some things that you have to watch for. For example, if your swimming pools water chemistry is unbalanced it could cause discoloring and oxidation within your handrails.There are ways to keep up with the maintenance of these handrails; you can use everyday items such as Brasso and Ajax, which can be found at any supermarket. You can actually use D.E the same you use in your filters, place a little on a cloth and polish.

KoolGrips Handrails

If you are looking for some extra security around the swimming pool, then check out the KoolGrips. These handrails are one of the safest handrails coverings that can be used by any in-ground swimming pool. The KoolGrips are made from a soft Sure Grip material to prevent people from sliding off the handrails, as they exist the pool. These handrails are soft and they are easy to install.They are available in 4ft, 6ft and 8 ft lengths. These handrails are not just great for residential swimming pools but for commercial pools, public pools and apartment complexes.Handrails are extremely important to the safety of your swimming pool. When was the last time that changed the handrails that you have now? Do an inspection of these handrails and see how clean they are, do they have rust or oxidation on them? If so, it may be time to replace them before the corrosion eats away at these handrails and they become unsafe.