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How To Unclog The Hayward Super Pump Impeller


If your Hayward Super Pump impeller has clogged with dirt or debris you will need to take apart the wet end of the pump. Removing the wet end of the pump will require you to remove the volute so you can gain access to the impeller. The first thing you will need to do is to disconnect the pump from the filter system piping. This can be done most of the time by loosing the suction and discharge union collars and then disconnecting the unions. If you do not have unions holding your Hayward pool pump into place you can still remove the motor from the wet end while the pump is in place but it may be more difficult.

Once you have disconnected the pump the unions, you will need to grab a 9/16″ open end wrench or socket so you can remove the four bolts that hold the wet end / volute / pump housing to the electric motor.
Unclogging Impeller On The Hayward Super Pump

The four bolts you will need to remove on the Hayward Pump housing will have to be turned counter clockwise and then spun all the way out. Now that the electric motor is separated from the pump housing you will be able to see the diffuser that is covering the impeller. You will want to remove the diffuser by just pulling it off of the seal assembly. Once you remove the diffuser you will be able to see the Hayward Pump Impeller.

What you will want to do now is to look inside the eye of the impeller and you will see all the dirt, leaves and other debris that are stuck inside. You now can use a small screwdriver to remove all the debris that is blocking the impeller eye. Once you have removed all of the debris from the impeller you can reassemble the pump by reattaching the pump housing. To do so you will want to reinsert the 9/16″ bolts and then tighten them by turning them clockwise.

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