Toilet leaking is one of the common problems faced by many householders. This problem generally arises due to old toilet flappers. Since the flapper is composed of rubber, it can become hard and eventually break down in the due course. In such cases, when the plastic is tattered it becomes difficult to form a tight seal and stop the water from flowing. Flapper is not expensive and hence can be easily replaced when required. Toilet flapper replacing requires following of some significant steps which includes:

  • Shut the water source of your toilet which is generally at the back of the bowl underneath the tank. If there is any valve or if it is stuck, close the water supply of the house.
  • The next step is to flush properly the water inside the tank. Make a note of the distance between the chain and handle of the flush right to the flapper. Since this is a quick process, the time consumed will be less while setting up the flapper.
  • The refill tube should be removed directly from the overflow tube, only if due to any reason the flapper is attached with a round ring encircling the tube.
  • The chain in flush lever should be detached. After this, the old flapper should be removed by skidding it up and away from the overflow tube. Or instead of removing, the flapper ears can be unhooked directly from the particular overflow pipe. If the plastic flush valves are new, the flapper ears are required to be bent and the pins from the flash valve should be removed.
  • On a small piece of paper, make a note of the toilet flapper manufacturer which is imprinted on the exterior of the bowl, adjacent to the seat. It is always advisable to write the model number as well, which is behind the tank.
  • The next step is to visit a nearby plumbing supply store with the old flapper and the related information you have assembled to purchase the replacement flappers. You can also visit the home improvement stores for the new toilet flappers. Make sure you visit a well known plumbing supply store which has all the requirements for the toilet flapper of your home. For replacement toilet flapper, one needs to visit a home décor store which has a great reputation and is equipped with additional settings. Settings for adjustable flappers are essential since it helps in accurate and proper installation. A good flapper in the U.S. may cost between USD2-10. Do not forget to buy a decorated metal flapper chain alternative with it.
  • Mount the replaced flapper by gliding it down right above the overflow tube. Slide it until the ring reaches the base of the tank where the flapper bulb is positioned and the valve opens. In case you want to install a plastic valve, slice the ring from the flapper where there is outlined-“cut”. Then slide the flapper ears above the pins centered on the flash valves.

Toilet Flapper Picture

The above process describes how a Kohler toilet flapper replacement or a sterling toilet flapper replacement can be done. Eljer toilet flapper replacement is rare and is also done by following the basic above mentioned rules.

How to Remove a Toto Toilet Flapper

A Toto toilet, which is used regularly, requires altering of its toilet flapper frequently. The flapper is considered to be a fixture in the container that enables the water inside the tank to washout right into the bowl. The tank is also closed so that the flapper can refill itself with water in-between the flushing duration. To add to its credentials, Toto toilets are in-built with flappers. A large number of toilet flapper manufacturers produce flapper replacement products. In order to remove a Toto toilet flapper which is linked with the tank few essential steps should be followed, which includes:

  • The first step is to find out the exact location of the water shut off valve at the rear of the Toto toilet. With the help of a tube or supply hose, the valve is linked with the tank. Switch the knob clockwise towards the valve end and stop the flow of water. After this move the tank lid away.
  • Hold the handle down and flush the Toto toilet properly. Keep holding the handle down so that water below the tank goes away.
  • If any water is left at the base of the tank, use towel and sponge to wipe it off.
  • The Toto flapper should be unfastened from the flush lever. The flush handle should be disconnected from the pinnacle of the chain and clip it with the flush handle exactly like a car key ring. If required, you can use the needle nose pliers for this purpose.
  • Now you the Toto toilet paper should be removed. The exact procedure is based on flapper model. According to home décor experts, there are basic 3 options of removing a flapper. The body and the flapper of the overflow tube where it is connected should be glided. The body and flapper attached with the body should be separated from the overflow tube or you can simply remove the flapper and toilet from the base of the tank outlet.

How to Replace a Toilet Flap Valve

Leak in the toilet indicates the need for a new and modern toilet flap valve. Replacing a toilet flap valve with a new one is a very easy process. In a short span of time, your toilet will become leak-free and will be working properly. Following are the procedures which help to replace a toilet flap valve effectively.

  • Stop the water source of the toilet and empty the toilet tank by flushing the water in the drain. If water is still left at the base of the drain, do not be worried.
  • Drag the old flapper rising ears out of the fitting after the flapper chain is unhooked from the tank lever.
  • Then put the altered flapper at the middle of the tank drain. Here water comes out of the tank and reaches the bowl. The rising ears should be attached with the toilet tank fitting.
  • Trim the flapper chain in the right hole provided by the toilet tank lever in the right manner. The accurate hole in the tank lever may be difficult to find and hence you may have to find the proper one. When the chain is connected properly, little sack in the chain is evident. Use wire cutters to detach the excess chain
  • Turn on the water supply of the toilet tank and let the tank fill completely. To be sure, flush the toilet a number of times and test the adroitness of the flapper along with the chain position. Change the tank cover when you are appeased with the new flapper.

Replacing a toilet flapper is an easy process. Following the above mentioned process will not only help to change an old toilet flapper with a new one but will also assist the user to make the toilet clean and better.