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How to preserve your Privacy without turning your Home into a Sauna


You just bought your new apartment, congratulations! Now all you have to do is to keep those nosy neighbors from peeking in on you from their windows next door. But how do you do that? Your apartment is small enough as it is.  How do you make it more airy AND make sure that it isn’t visible for everyone to gaze inside. Let’s see how –

De-clutter your Home

There might still be some stray furniture lying around after you have unpacked. Too much furniture is as detrimental as too little. Big and bulky cupboards will end up stifling a room by blocking the air.

Do you really need that vintage cabinet that your grandmother gave you? If you plan on shopping for one that won’t accidently fall on you its best that you get rid of the one you have. Living in a tiny apartment can make any living space in it feel cluttered thereby adding to the claustrophobia.

Move the Furniture Around

How you organize your furniture will also have an impact on how airy your apartment is. For example, even separating your living room furniture a few inches can provide you with more space to move around. You can also move them right against the wall if you want.

Your apartment does not need to have every piece of furniture that is available in the store either. Remember the old adage, less is more. If you absolutely have to have more go for the more modern variety. It is designed for efficiency and will not take up as much space as traditional types.

The bed is also a huge waste of space. This does not mean that you should resort to sleeping on the floor. You can go for a bed rise or a sofa bed. Such initiatives will make it easier for the breeze to blow in your home.

Preserve your Privacy

Curtains versus Drapes

As for making sure no one peeps in, it’s best that you do away with any heavy curtains. Drapes that are made from heavier fabric can end up stifling a living space. Therefore go for curtains that are made from a lighter fabric or one that will not sit in place as a breeze is trying to get in!

Light curtains that are made of sheer lace or muslin allow air in and are also exquisitely beautiful to look at. They flutter at the slightest breeze and provide you some cover as well thereby making them the perfect choice for any open windows.

Drapes on the other hand are thick, lined and heavier as compared to curtains. They might be handy in keeping the sunlight and roaming gazes out or soundproofing your home. However they will also keep wind out and make your apartment into a virtual sauna.

Venetian Blinds

Opting for Venetian blinds instead of curtains is also a great idea. The wooden variety might be beautiful but is rare, not to mention expensive. Plastic or synthetic ones are better options. They also happen to be in vogue so your neighbors will have something to be envious about once they look your way.

Like drapes blinds are effective in preventing sunlight from streaming in which can be handy during the summer months. You can also decorate your living space by selecting décor that is lightly colored. Light colors also give an impression of spaciousness. At the end of the day, it is your choice that really matters. Just make sure that you keep your true purpose in mind, keeping your apartment airy but secure enough against prying eyes.

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