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How To Fix A Leaking In Ground Pool Light


If you have an in ground swimming pool with a light that is leaking then you will need to understand on how to fix this type of leak. The in ground swimming pool light is made up of two parts. You have the light itself that is a self-contained unit with a cord and then you have something called the “pool light niche”. This is what the swimming pool light hooks into once it’s in the pool.How To Fix A Leaking In Ground Pool Light

The place that the swimming pool light will most likely leak from is where the cord of the swimming pool light goes through the light niche and into the electrical conduit. What commonly happens in that the fitting between the light niche and the electrical conduit bend go bad and then water starts to leak through the electrical conduit and then into the ground. There are two ways to fix this type of leak in your swimming pool light, but first you will need to remove the light from the niche. To do so you will need to remove the top screw from the light and then the light will float to the top of the swimming pool water. The pool light should have enough wire to reach to the pools surface. When re-installing the pool light you will have to coil this wire in order for the light to fit back into the housing or niche as we have been calling it.
Inground Pool Light
Once you have removed the pool light from the niche you will want to make sure that the wire is still connected to the junction box. You do not want to remove the light wire; you will just want to remove the light from the pool niche. Now you can either use under water swimming pool epoxy or a swimming pool light wire plug to “cork up” the leak in your pool light. If your going to use epoxy to fix the leak in the pool light niche you will need to mix it up according to the directions and then put the epoxy all around the wire and the opening where the conduit fitting gets connected. Try to be neat with the epoxy because if you ever need to change out the light fixture you will need to chip away the epoxy and then pull out the wire. If you do this really messy you will have a tougher time if you ever go to pull the light wire out when replacing the light. This is not the “cleanest” way of repairing the leaking pool light niche.

The next method you can do to repair the leaking pool light niche is to buy something called a pool light niche cord leak plug. This is a black rubber plug that will fit around the wire of the pool light and into the inner part of the electrical conduit and then can be pressed it firmly to seal the niche. This is by far the best way to seal the light niche if you can find this part at your local swimming pool supply and repair center.

Once you use either one of the above methods to repair the leak in your pool light then you will want to now re-install the light. You will have to now push the pool light under the water and then wrap the cord around the outside of the light so that the extra bulk of the cord will fit back into the light niche. Once you have wrapped up the cord you will want to align the top of the light with the set screw hole and insert the Philips head set screw and re-tighten the screw so the light will stay into place. If you have any questions about leaking pool lights please post a comment below and fee free to ask.


  1. I too have a water leak at my light. But there is also a bunch of black/green muck coming from it into the pool. It’s been drained and now refilling. I’m going to seal the conduit, should I do anything else? I could care less about having a light. Thank you!

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  3. I used pool putty around my cord and thought I sealed it.
    I filled the pool last night to just above the light, this morning the water was down to the middle of the light.
    When I put the fixture in and screwed it in, I noticed that the bottom was not tight, but it does not make sense that the water has not dropped lower than the middle of the light.
    What should work?

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