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How To Disinfect & Clean Your Bathroom


There is a difference in just cleaning your bathroom and disinfecting it. When you clean a bathroom, you can take any old cleaner and wipe down sinks, toilets and bathtubs. While the bathroom looks clean, it just may be clean on the surface. To truly disinfect your bathroom you are going to need to get that deep down clean. You may be thinking why is disinfecting your bathroom better than cleaning it? Cleaning just covers the surface and if the right products are not used there may still be germs and bacteria on your sinks, faucets, bathtubs and toilets.How To Disinfect & Clean Your Bathroom

With some elbow grease and the proper products you can have a bathroom that visitors will be confident in using. No-one wants to go into a bathroom that isn’t clean much less use it. Wouldn’t you want company to go into your bathroom and not have to worry about how clean it is? With cold and flu season coming especially with the worry about the H1N1 flu, it is a good idea to keep the bathroom as clean as you can possibly get it without having to sterilize everything.

We can help you disinfect your bathroom from the Toilet Bowl, Shower and Tub to the Sink. You can rest easy knowing that once you disinfect the bathroom, the upkeep is very easy. This will also teach your kids about the importance about heath and hygiene. You can even enlist your kids in helping you keep a clean bathroom. There are so many cleaning products out there, which ones work the best to clean and disinfect.
Bathroom disinfectant
We will mention some bathroom cleaning products that you have heard of and maybe are currently using such as Clorox, Lysol, Mr. Clean, Pine Sol and Scrubbing Bubbles and some others that you may not have heard of. Sometimes the best products are not always mainstream products. Let’s get started to disinfecting your bathroom.

How To Disinfect Your Toilet Bowl

When you decide to clean your bathroom, you start with the toilet. The toilet bowl is the most dreaded bathroom fixture to clean. Everyone hates to clean the toilet bowl. We can offer some suggestions on how to make it seem not so undesirable. When you disinfect the toilet bowl, you have to clean the entire toilet and not just the inside; this includes the tank, the inside of the bowl, under the rim, the toilet seat and the outside of the bowl. If you don’t normally clean the outside then what is really the point?

The first think that you want to do is buy yourself a good toilet brush. It doesn’t have to come with those fancy cleaners attached; it could be just your basis toilet brush. The most common name in bathroom cleaning products is Lysol. To disinfect your toilet bowl the Lysol Power Toilet Bowl Cleaner with Bleach is the best. This product guarantees that it will disinfect and deodorize and kill germs and bacteria with every use.

The concept of this product is simple; first you flush the toilet to get rid of any excess particles. Then spray 3/4of a cup right into the bowl, get under the rim and coat the entire bowl, you don’t have to douse it just a coating will do just fine. Then let the product soak in for about 15 minutes, do not lose the lid. So make sure that you shut the door to keep kids and pets out of the bathroom. The use your toilet brush and spread the surface with the product. Scrub the entire bowl including the opening in the toilet and under the entire rim. Then flush the toilet; you may have to flush once or twice. The rinse your brush after using. Now that you have a clean toilet bowl on the inside, you still have to clean the tank, seat and outside of the bowl. Using a clean wipe or sponge you can use Johnson and Johnson Scrubbing Bubbles Cleaner. This is a great product to clean with, it offers deep down clean with a not so harsh chemical. It goes on easy and wipes off just as easily. You will notice a difference in shine from before and after you use this product.

How To Disinfect You Shower & Tub

The dreaded shower and tub, this can be worse to clean than the toilet bowl at times. One of the best products out there for disinfecting your shower and tub is the Clorox Disinfecting Bathroom Cleaner. This is an all-purpose cleaner but works exceptionally well on the shower and tub. You will need a two-sided sponge like the kind with the scouring side and one with the soft side. Simply spray on the shower fixtures like the faucet handles and the shower head. Wait about 5 seconds and wipe off. You will notice a clean that your old cleaner couldn’t offer.

This product is also good for shower doors and shower walls; this is where the scouring side comes in. You will want to make sure that you disinfect the shower walls well since that is where mold and mildew form. For the bathtub itself, try using a Soft Scrub Product. One of the best products for bathtubs is the Soft Scrub with Bleach Cleanser Mountain Breeze. This product is recommended for bathtub use, it cleaner with a mild abrasion formula so it will not scratch the surface of your bathtub or shower door. It gets rid of germs, bacteria, soap scum and water rings. It also leaves a nice smell of Mountain Breeze.

How To Disinfect Your Sink

One of the easiest parts of the bathroom to clean, the sink. Finding the best product to clean and disinfect the sink may be challenging. There are so many out there. Before you choose one, make sure you know what has to be done. The sink has to be cleaned, the sides of the sink, the top of the sink and the faucets. You will need a cleaner that can really get the job done. One of these products is Lysol 4 in 1 Bathroom Cleaner.This cleaner will eliminate 99.9% of germs in and around your bathroom sink. This product was designed to help you protect your family and anyone who visits your bathroom from becoming sick from germs and bacteria. This product comes in aerosol and trigger spray, you have your choice of scents; island Breeze or Green Apple Breeze.

You simply spray in the sink and on the faucets, make sure that every surface is 100% wet then wait 10 minutes and wipe off. If you have stains on your sink then wait about 15 to 20 seconds before wiping. Wipe with a damp sponge or cloth. Another great product is Pine Sol; many people are hesitant to use this product in their bathroom since it smells like Pine. But Pine Sol has since expanded their product line to include some great scents. Try Mountain Energy or Sparkling Wave. Try diluting 1/4 or Pine Sol with Cleaner with a gallon of water. You can use a spray bottle or just a bucket with water. Use a clean sponge or cloth, dip the sponge into the cleaner and start disinfecting. There are no cleaners to leave on just wipe and wipe dry. You will have a clean and germ free bathroom in no time.

These days with colds and the flu being passed around more frequently than before, you want to ensure that your bathroom is one place where germs will not be spread. In addition to these cleaners, you should have a container of Clorox Wipes on the sink to wipe down the sink or toilet after every use. This will help reduce the amount of germs and bacteria as well. Try using a Pine Sol or Lysol 4 in 1 Cleaner to disinfect your bathroom floor. Change hand towels every 4 to 5 days and do not let laundry pile on the floor, try using a hamper in the bathroom. Try to disinfect your bathroom on a weekly basis.

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