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How To Clean Moldy Faucets


Mold is quite common in bathrooms and sometimes it becomes a big problem. So what do we do when mold becomes a big problem? The most common causes of mold and even mildew that is found in bathrooms are low circulation of air, warm environments, high humidity, damp areas and even poor lighting or low lighting. Often times we find mold has grown on out faucets, behind the faucets and even underneath the faucets. What can we do?How To Clean Moldy Faucets

The first thing you want to do is try to reduce the amount of humidity in the bathroom. If you have a bathroom fan, keep it on as you take a shower, the hotter the water the more humidity but when you turn on the bathroom fan it will decrease the humidity in the air. The second best way to combat mold on faucets is to wipe down the faucets with a Clorox bleach wipe after every use. Now in the event that mold has already grown, there are some cleaners available that help you get rid of mold on the faucet.
If you don’t already know this, the best way to get rid of mold is through bleach. So using straight Clorox bleach in a spray bottle and some elbow grease can go a long way in getting rid of mold that has formed on the faucet. To remove the mold from the faucet you can use a soft scouring sponge to help remove the mold and it will not scratch the faucet. If you have a leaky faucet, this may be where your mold problem got started. So you will want to repair your leaky faucet.

If you want to use a more organic product you can try a product called the Molderizer. This product started out as a commercial product but it is now available for homes. This is considered to be a green product; it is safe to be used around pets and even children. It is effective against the removal of mold from faucets. The best way to get rid of mold is to get it before it starts. Clean up your faucet area after you wash your hands and you can stop the mold before it gets started. If your mold problem persists then you may have to replace your faucets and then re-caulk your sink.

There could also be an underlying problem here as well and if not taken care of then you may need to find the bigger problem. This may entail hiring a mold removal company. Black mold can be dangerous to adults and from children. Avoid the health risk and clean your sink area on a daily basis.


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