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How To Clean Hardwood Floors


One of the simplest chores in the world is cleaning hardwood floors. The cleaning can be done with soft brooms and every consecutive week, the floors should be vacuumed with soft brush attached to their ends. Anything spilled on the floor should be cleaned instantly with a damp mop. One of the biggest drawbacks of wooden floors is its inability to remain unaffected with water or any form of liquid. Whenever hardwood floors come in contact with any fluid, it allows it to soak inside the wood and get affected severely.

Rotary tillers moving at a huge speed are also one of the biggest problems for hardwood floors. Hence, to conserve the beauty and authenticity of the floors, it is quite essential to maintain the floors at every stage. It can only be done one must determine the type of hardwood floor available and whether the wood work is unfinished or completed. If the manufacturer of such hardwood floors instructs the user with the proper cleaning and maintenance guidelines, then one should adhere to it.

Determining the finish work

Wax, polish, soap and water are the basic requirement to clean a hardwood floor and turn its dull grimy look to a gorgeous gleaming one with few easy steps. It is essential to find out whether how the respective hardwood floor is sealed. The finishing edges help to evaluate how the floor should be cleaned.

Oil treated and incisive seal treated floors

In such floors, oil penetrates easily in the wood grain and makes it hard from inside. Such floors should be taken care of and preserved with paste wax and liquid.

Surface sealed hardwood floors

Most of the wooden floors are preserved with polyacrylic, urethane and polyurethane. Such floors are water resistant and cannot be damaged via any form of fluid. With the help of mop, the dirt can be cleaned in no time.

Untreated, shellacked lacquered varnished floors

Lacquers, shellacs and varnishes absorb moisture along with spills. Such floors with finishes and with no finishes should be treated with equal care as penetrating seal treated floors are dealt with.

Essential requirements to clean hardwood floors

Few commodities which are required to clean hardwood floors include:

  • Dust mop
  • Soft bristle broom
  • Wood polish
  • Soft brush attached vacuum

Different types of hardwood floor

Hardwood Floors

Varieties of hardwood floors are available in the market. Vinegar and water are the most common techniques to clean dirty hardwood floors naturally. The different types of hardwood floors available are:

  • old hardwood floors
  • engineered hardwood floors
  • prefinished hardwood floors
  • laminate hardwood floors
  • real hardwood floors
  • unfinished hardwood floors
  • waxed hardwood floors
  • hand scraped hardwood floors
  • sticky hardwood floors
  • oak hardwood floors
  • new hardwood floors
  • Brazilian cherry hardwood floors

How to clean hardwood floors with vinegar and water

Hardwood floors are generally cleaned after removing the carpet. To clean hardwood floors naturally, water and vinegar acts as the ideal cleaning solution for the task. This type of cleaning solution is cheap, simple and effective. It cleanses the grime and dirt without harming the floor finish. If handled in an expert manner, it can be actually streak-free and deep clean hardwood floors.

How to clean hardwood floors without streaks

In order to avoid leaving any form of streak on the floor, the hardwood floors must be cleaned with proper products and apparatus in the right manner. If the right products are not used for cleaning, the hardwood floor might get damaged or leave multiple streaks behind after cleaning.

Mopping Procedure

Always remember to use a damp mop instead of a wet mop, while cleaning the wood, since water acts as a negative aspect. Then insert the mop inside a bucket which contains the cleaning solution. Squeeze the mop properly and mop in the course of the wood grain. Repeat this procedure continuously. After sometime, when the water becomes dirty, throw away the water and take fresh water adding the cleaning solution and then mop properly. After this, use water to clean the façade of the floor.

Removal of Stains and Spills

Few strains and spills need special treatment and ordinary mopping does not help. According to experts, few intense stains require extensive treatment, including:


Use a cloth which is wet with water and detergent and rinse on the affected spot. If this does not work, use a cloth which is wet with denatured alcohol.

Crayon marks

Rinse a soft cloth which is wet with mineral spirits. In few cases, it does not work and one should use toothpaste and rinse a dry piece of cloth.


A commercial ink remover is used when a detergent and cold water fails to remove the stain.

Chewing Gum

Excess gum can be used and applied on the spot then removed with a knife. The left over stain can be removed with a soft cloth which is wet with mineral spirits.


Put ice pack on tar for as long as it is not brittle and stiff. Then scratch it with a plastic spatula. The left over stains are soaked with a rag that is wet with the cleaning solution. Rub the rag on the stained position.


Soak a cloth in dry cleaning fluid and place it on the affected area for around 5 minutes. After it is over, use a mild detergent to clean it.


With a solution of ammonia and cold water, sponge the spot carefully. It should be noted that ammonia should not be mixed with any other solution since it can yield lethal vapor.


Use an ice pack till the grease solidifies. After that rub it with a knife and remove the left over residue by putting a rag on it and then applying heat on the rag.

Large stains

If the stains are over a vast area, one should use a professional floor finisher to remove the stains completely.

Nail Polish

Apply warm water along with scouring powder and plastic mesh pad on the spot. Do not rub it excessively to avoid scratching.

Heel Marks

Such marks can be removed via pencil eraser.


Professional floor finisher should be used to remove rust stains from the hardwood floors.

After the stain is removed, clean the area completely with a dry cloth which is not wet at all. Repaint by using the finish and wax if the floor finish has been removed completely. Contact the wood retailer or manufacturer if the stain still remains.

How to keep Hardwood floors looking new

Your hardwood floors will look new if few significant points are kept in mind, which includes:

  • A polyurethaned floor should not be waxed ever, since it can make the color very dull.
  • Do not wear high heels on wooden floors in any case. Try to walk barefooted.
  • Always use furniture pads beneath the legs and base of the furniture.
  • If the hardwood floor requires buffing and waxing, try to do it frequently. This would enhance the life span of the floor and would protect it from any form of scratch and stain.
  • Try to mop up the spills completely.
  • For high traffic area, use a carpet runner or area rugs.
  • Do not drag furniture or any other types of items on a hardwood floor

If the above procedures are followed and points are taken care of, cleaning a hardwood floor will not prove to be a difficult job. Such floors should be kept clean all the time to maintain their shine and luster for a prolong period of time.


  1. When you want to drag your furniture use furniture sliders so that you can prevent damaging your floor from marks . Always keep in mind that prevention is key when maintaining your floors and you will have beautiful floors for years to come.

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