How To Backwash Hayward Perflex Pool FiltersIf the pressure on your Hayward Perflex D.E. filter, which includes the EC 30, EC40, EC50, and the EC65A, has risen 5 – 10 PSI above the normal operating pressure, you will need to do something called “back washing a Hayward pool filter”. You also might have be noticing the water pressure that comes out of the pool return slow down as well. This also means that you need to back wash your Perflex pool filter. Before you can back wash your pool filter you will need to make sure that you have some D.E. Powder first. Every time you back wash your pool filter you are removing the old D.E. powder that has been trapped inside of the filter and you will need to replace it. So if you do not have a bag of D.E. powder you should get a bag from a local pool supply center before back washing your pool filter.

Shutting Down The Filter & Bumping The Handle

Once you have determined that you need to back wash your filter you will then first need to shut the filter system off. Once the filter system is off you will want to SLOWLY push the handle on top of the filter up and down. At first the handle should be hard to push, but as you move the handle up and down which is referred to as “bumping” you will notice the handle will be come easier to move. If the bump handle moves freely like it is not connected to anything, then your filter may need repair. But generally the handle on your Hayward Perflex Filter will be harder to push or bump in the beginning.

When you move the handle up and down, you are shaking the old D.E. powder from the finger filter elements inside of the filter tank. You will want to bump the handle up and down about 10 – 15 times .

Opening The Valve & Releasing The D.E. Powder

Once you have bumped the filter handle you will now want to open up the valve that is on the lower part of your filter tank. Once you open this valve water will start flowing out. Once the valve is completely open you will want to turn the filter on and let it run for 2 – 3 minutes. This will wash all of the old and dirty, debris and D.E. powder from inside of the filter tank.

Starting The Hayward Perflex Filter System Back Up

Once you have let the filter system run for 2 – 3 minutes you will now want to shut the filter system off. You also will now want to close the back wash valve on the bottom of your filter tank. Once you have shut the valve on the filter tank you can, once again start the Perflex Filter back up. You will now also want to get your bag of D.E. powder and bring it over to the skimmer that is closest to your pool filter.

Adding D.E. Through The Skimmer

Now that the filter system is running you will want to add more D.E. powder back into the filter tank. You can do so by adding new D.E. powder through the skimmer as the filter system is running. Depending on what size Hayward Perflex Pool Filter you have will determine how much or how many LBS of D.E. powder you will have to add. If you have a smaller filter like the Hayward EC30 OR EC40 you will only have to add a small amount of D.E. to the filter, But if you have a larger perflex filter such as the Hayward Perflex EC50 or EC65A you will need to add more D.E. since its a larger filter. Look on the side of your filter and you will see a sticker that will tell you how many LBS of D.E powder you need to add into your filter after back washing.