Hi my name is Joseph I want to share with you how I change the impeller on the Hayward super pump. You’re going to need some tools before you can remove the impeller from the pump. You’re going to need a 9/16 open end wrench, you’re also the need a bucket of water to re-prime the pump. The first thing I always do is unplug the pump cord pigtail from the electric loud. I guess make sure the time is off just for safety reasons. Now I will remove one or both of the drain plugs so I can drain the wet end of the Hayward super pump.Hayward Super Pump Impeller Removed

Once all the water has drained from the pump housing I will take my 9/16 open end wrench and start to loosen each one of the four bolts on the back side of the pump housing. Now you want to make sure that you remove all for the bolts otherwise you will not be able to disconnect the wet end of the super pump from the electrical motor. Once you have the four bolts remove the wet end and the electrical motor on the Hayward super pump will separate into two different pieces.

Now that the wet end and electric motor or two pieces you will need to remove the diffuser. To remove the diffuser all you have to do is pull on the diffuser and it will separate from the pump seal housing. Once the diffuser is removed you will able to see the impeller. What you want to do now is take a strap wrench and attach it the impeller. You now will want to remove the rear cover of the motor. Once you remove the rear cover of the motor you will see the motor shaft. You want to hold the motor shaft with a pair of pliers or an open end wrench, so when you turn the impeller the electrical motor shaft will not spin and the impeller will loosen.
Hayward Super Pump Impeller On Motor
To remove the pump impeller take your strap wrench and turn it counterclockwise while holding the motor shaft with your pliers open end wrench and then continue to spin the impeller counterclockwise until it is fully removed from the motor shaft. When you install your new Hayward super pump impeller you always want to make sure that you replace the pump seal. Failure to replace the pump seal will only cause you problems down the road when the mechanical seal starts to leak, causing you to have to take the pump apart again just to replace the seal that you should never place while you were replacing the impeller.
Hayward Super Pump Impeller Removed
To reinstall the impeller you will want to make sure that you replace the seal on the impeller itself and also seal see that is located inside the seal housing. Once you have replaced the seal you want to spin the impeller back onto the pump shaft counterclockwise, when the impeller starts to get tight you want to hold the pump shaft with your pliers are open end wrench into the impeller is fully tight. After the impeller is tight you will want to replace the diffuser I reattaching it to the seal housing. You now can put the wet end and electrical motor back together. Once you tighten the four bolts that holds the wet end and the pump housing together, you will want to replace your drain plug, fill your pump housing with water, and then restart your filter system in your pump should now work.