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Hayward Power-Flo Troubleshooting & Repair Guide


The Hayward Power Flo swimming pool pump can be found installed on may above ground swimming pools. Although the Hayward Power-Flo pump is rated as one of the top of the line above ground swimming pool pumps they still will need to be repaired as time goes on. Hayward Pool Products offers a full line of replacement parts for all of the Power-Flo models.Hayward Power-Flo Troubleshooting & Repair Guide

There are three different models of the Hayward Power Flo above ground swimming pool pump. The three models are the Power Flo Standard, The Power Flo LX and the Power Flo II. Even though the models are different and some options will vary between all three of the Hayward Power Flo pumps, the basic repair of this style pump will be the same. For example if you need to change the motor bearings because the pump is noisy or if you have to change the pump seal because it is leaking the repair would be the same for all three of the models listed above.
Hayward Power-Flo Pool Pump
Some differences between the power flo models are options such as different horse powered motors, built in swimming pool timers and off course Hayward has made these pool pumps more energy efficient over the years as well. So if you are having any issues with your power flo LX, II or older model you can use our Hayward repair and troubleshooting guide below to help you get your pool pump up and running again in no time.

How To Turn On The Hayward Power-Flo Pump

Hayward Power-Flo Pool Pump Timer
The Hayward Power-Flo pump comes in many different models and depending which one you have will determine how it will turn on. Some of the power flo’s have timers on the back of the motors. If this is the case you will want to look for the manual on / off switch to manually turn the pump on or off. There also will be two-timer pins that you can set to make the pump turn on and off with the timer.

If your Hayward Power Flo does not have an automatic timer on the backside of the motor then you could just have a single toggle switch that will be located on the bottom of the back plastic housing. If you look on the bottom of the back motor housing there will be a switch that you can push from one side to the other. There also will be small print that says power on or off if you have a power flo with this option.
Hayward Power-Flo Parts Diagram
Not all Hayward Power Flo pumps will have this either. The last option is that your power flow pump could be directly wired into your pool electrical system and you will have to look for the pool timer box to turn in on. You usually will not have this situation and will have one of the two mentioned above.

How To Replace The Power Flo Pump Seal

Hayward Power-Flo Pool Pump Seal
If you notice some water leaking from the motor shaft of your pump you might need to replace the mechanical pump seal. The Pump seal is located between the impeller and the seal housing. You can buy a replacement Hayward Power Flo Pump Seal from many swimming pool stores or even a pump and motor repair shop.

To install the new pump seal you will first need to remove the pump volute. After you remove the volute you can remove the bolts that are located on the flange on the front of the wet end of the power flo(see diagram below). Once you remove the flange you will have access to the Hayward Power Flo impeller. You will not want to unscrew the impeller from the motor shaft.

The next step will be to remove the motor through bolts that connect the pump seal housing to the motor frame. Using a nut driver or small wrench remove the four motor through bolts and your pump seal housing will disconnect. Now that the pump seal housing is disconnect you will be able to remove the ceramic base of the pump seal from the housing. Once you remove that ceramic seal seat you will want to replace it with the new one.

The last part of the seal will be located on the pump impeller. There will be a spring on the impeller shaft with a ceramic disk on the end of the spring. You will want to slide this off of the impeller and replace with the new pump seal spring you have. Once you place this part of the pump seal onto the impeller you can screw your impeller back onto the pump shaft and re-assemble the entire Hayward Power Flo Pump.

How To Prime The Power Flo Pump

hayward power flo pump housing
The Hayward Power Flo pump is generally used in above ground swimming pool filter systems were the skimmer is installed higher then the pump. This will provide gravity feed of water to the pump but what can happen is something called swimming pool pump hydro lock. Hydro lock happens when a pocket of air gets caught between the pump and the skimmer. The pump will then try to prime but will not be able to because of the air locked pump.

The way to unlock the air from the Hayward Power Flo and prime it correctly is to first make sure that the swimming pool is filled to mid skimmer. Once the pool is filled to that level you will want to open the top pf the pump slightly, just enough so air can wisp out of it and once you start to get water you can close the pump lid. Your pump is now primed and ready to start. Always stick around for a few minutes and watch the return jets in the pool to make sure the pump has reached full prime.

How To Clean The Power Flo Pump Basket

Hayward Power Flo Pump Basket
If your power flo pump is not flowing the water enough your pump strainer basket could be full of debris or possibly clogged. You will need to open the pump and remove the Hayward Power Flo pump strainer basket and empty and clean it. The way you can do this is to grab the handle on top of the pump lid. The cover / lid on the power flo will be clear. You will need to turn the cover about 90 degrees until the cover un-locks from the grooves. If you look at the side of the pump housing you will be able to see the notch and grooves that the cover of the pump housing locks into.

Once you have the cover removed you will want to pull out the pump strainer basket and clean it thoroughly with a garden hose making sure it is free of all debris. If you leave any loose debris inside of the pump basket it could get stuck in the impeller and clog it. This will cause your pump not to run right. Also, If you have any cracks in your pump strainer basket you will want to replace it as soon as possible before the loose debris that are traveling through the cracks in the basket destroy the impeller.

How To Unfreeze The Power Flo Pump Motor

Hayward Power Flo Pump Motor
After a long winter or sometimes when you don’t use the pool motor for an extended amount of time and with the right moisture conditions the armature of the motor can form surface rust and cause the motor to “freeze up”. Now, this isn’t the temperature kind of freeze, its more like a “humming sound” that will be coming from your Hayward power flo motor. You will usually hear this humming or jamming sound when you first plug in the pump, if in fact the motor is seized or jammed. Sometimes the frozen up pool pump motor will cause the circuit breaker to also blow.

Most of the time people think that they will have to replace the Hayward Power Flo Pump at this point but you actually can try a small repair technique that sometimes will un-freeze your humming motor. What you will want to do is to get a rubber mallet or small hammer and tap the motor casing all around. This will “free up” the surface rust enough so that next time you plug it in the motor will be able to spin.

If you have tapped the motor a few times and the pump still does not start you will want to have the pump looked at by a service shop to see if the motor can be replaced or you could just buy a new motor for the pump. This method will not make every Hayward Power Flo pump that is frozen up work again but it will work for some pumps. You also could tap the pump a tad harder or if you are handy could take the pump apart and look into the rebuilding of it.

Hayward Power Flo Troubleshooting And Common Problems

Problem: “I can’t get my Hayward Power Flo to pump water”

Solution: Your pump may have something called “hydro-lock”. If this is the case you will need to release the air from the filter system.

Problem: “I plug my power flo pump in but it just hums”

Solution: When the pump hums it could mean that you have some surface rust that has built up on the motor. Try tapping the motor forcefully a few times to “free up” the motor armature.

Problem: “I think the eye of my impeller on my power flo may be clogged, what do I do?”

Solution: You will need to remove the volute and the pump housing cover and will have to clean the eye of the impeller out.

Problem: “I can not find the on / off switch on my pool pump”

Solution: You may not have an on or off switch on your power flo, some models just had the pigtail cord that would just get plugged into the wall or the timer.

If you have any more questions please ask below:


  1. I bought a new pump strainer housing sp1515 and its not screwing all the way on its tight with about an 1/8 to a 1/4 of a turn left. I don’t want to force it and crack it.

  2. Pump works for about 10 minutes then stops pumping water put. When back washed it starts to work again. What could be the problem?

    • I am having a similar problem. Pump is a few years old, runs fine for 20-30 minutes, then just stops. It is very hot out, but I also had this problem when it was only 85 in the morning. I suspect it is overheating, but not sure why.

  3. My SP1515 pump works for 1.5 hours then turns off from overheating, the voltage is good to the pump, there is no debri blocking, what’s causing it to overheat

  4. My Matrix pump is leaking underneath when running (doesn’t leak when off). Could a clogged strainer/filter in the pump cause this?

  5. Aren’t you guys grand!!!!!!
    We have an old Hayward Power Flo LX pump on an above ground pool. Pool and pump here when we bought the house. Pump could be ten, fifteen years old…not sure. This is our second season with it. We have worked very hard installing a salt water generator for chlorine, etc., getting the pool up to the best standards we could create…. When suddenly, this morning, we turned on the pump and it did just what you said: hummed and hummed and kicked the breaker! Oh s**t, there goes a $200+ pump! Let’s Google it and see what comes up. There was WeT HeaD Media, with our exact problem laid out, and the classic solution. Hit it all around with a hammer…and then again harder if the first doesn’t do it.
    Soft whack whack whack. Nope. Harder whack whack whack PLUS put my fingers onto the axle rod and turn a little, then a little more. Plug in. Flick switch. Pump kicks in smooth as always! Working like a gem. Thank you WeT HeaD Media! You saved our proverbial pool arse!

  6. My Hayward pump isn’t filling up with water all the way. It’s running just barely though.

  7. My haywood powerflo LX is leaking at bottom and draining pool when pump is off. What can cause this?

  8. My Hayward Power Flo Matrix, model SP1593, above ground, 1.5 hp pump keeps burning up power switches…..any idea why? I have a saltwater generator plugged into the same ground fault outlet without out any difficulty. Pump is only three seasons old and has burnt out two switches.

  9. I have a Hayward SP1580X15 Power-Flo LX Series 1-1/2-Horsepower Above-Ground Pool Pump with Cord and went to start it this year and after it is on for several minutes it will start to smoke but the other and shaft continues to spin. It doesn’t make any additional sounds for instance a squealing like a bearing freezing up. I am assuming that may be the issue.

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