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Hayward Perflex D.E Filters


Though sand filters are still the most popular filters for swimming pool owners, the D.E Filters run a very close second. The D.E stands for Diatomaceous Earth. This is a powdery substance that has microscopic openings that act like tiny little sponges that work to remove bacteria, contaminants and germs from your swimming pool. The inside components of the D.E Filter have elements that are coated with D.E and they call this a filter cake because it will strain the dirt, dust, algae from the water.Hayward Perflex D.E Filters

These filters are very similar to the sand filters because as they become full of the dirt and debris you will need to cleanse the filter by backwashing or draining the D.E or replacing the D.E. Hayward offers the very best D.E Filters in the industry, they have two styles the Perflex Extended Cycle Filters and the Perflex Extended Cycle Systems. Let’s take a look and see what they offer and which style would be right for your swimming pool.

Hayward Perflex Extended Cycle D.E Filters

Hayward EC40 Perflex Filter
Perflex Extended Cycle D.E Filters will offer you a crystal clear swimming pool for a great price. The Perflex system uses the Hayward patented called the Flex Tube to work with the D.E to help remove the dirt and debris more efficiently. This style of filter can either be used on Above Ground Swimming Pools and In-Ground Swimming Pools. The Perflex Extended Cycle offers a easy access clamp assembly and this filter was designed to help clean pools faster and remove more dirt and debris than other D.E Filters.

This filter uses a D.E filter powder that is the most well known substances to help swimming pools become cleaner faster. This filter uses a combination of a diffuser and a lower mixing chamber that was designed to help produce an even coating of D.E on the Flex Tubes. There are two different styles of the Perflex Extended Cycle D.E Filters the EC40AC and the EC50AC. The E40AC has an effective filtration rate of 20 square foot two and a 40-gallon per minute designed flow rate. The EC50AC offers a 25 square foot two area of filtration and 50 gallons per minute designed flow rate.

The best pump to use with your EC40Ac Perflex Extended Cycle D.E Filter is a pump that has an output rating between 30 and 65 gallons per minute. When you are installing your Hayward D.E Filter you will want to install it as close to the swimming pool as you can. This will maximize space as well as reduce the number of fittings that you will need to install it. Make sure that your filter is installed on a level or flat surface.

Hayward Perflex Extended Cycle D.E Filter Systems

Hayward Perflex Extended Cycle D.E Filter Systems
Perflex Extended Cycle D.E Filter Systems was created with partnering the Perflex Extended D.E Filter with the Hayward Power Flo Matrix Pump Series. By using this pump and filter you are guaranteeing a maximum efficient filter. The system itself has some great features such as the pump to filter union connection. This will provide very simple installation and winterization. The system is 100% corrosion proof with a modular platform base. This system offers an optional microprocessor pump timer feature that has an audible beeping sound, a present filtration setting, a manual override and it will fit with any Flex48 frame motor.

There are two Series the EC40C90 and the EC50C90 Series; these D.E Filters are designed to be used with above ground swimming pools. The EC40C90 has a designed flow rate of 40 gallons per minute and 40 foot square foot and the EC050C90 offer a 50-gallon per minute flow rate and a 50 square foot. The EC40C90 has an 8-hour turnover rate of 19,200 gallons per minute and the EC50C90 has an 8-hour turnover rate of 24,000 gallons.

In order for this system to work properly you want to make sure that the filter system is located below the pool water line. You will also want to make sure that the filter is installed on a firm and flat base or equipment pad. Keep the filter accessible and not in bushes. If you run this system according to the installation and care manuals then you will get plenty of use of these pumps and filters.

No matter which choice you make in term of what D.E Filter you will choose, it is very important to make sure that you read the manuals for operation and for installation carefully. Read the amount of D.E dosages very clearly, D.E can cloudy up a pool if too much is used. As long as you take care of the filter system or the pump and filter system these products will take care of your swimming pool. Check out the Hayward website and read all of the information available on these systems.


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