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Green Dot Prepaid Credit Cards Buyers Guide


Green Dot Re-loadable Prepaid Credit Cards are a great way to ward off identity theft. People who try to steal your identity, may go through your mail and steal your credit card statements or hackers may hack into your banking or financial files through your computer.Green Dot Pre Paid Credit Card Buyers Guide

With the way the Green Dot Re-loadable Prepaid Credit Cards work is you pick up a temporary card at your local CVS, Rite Aid or Walmart location. Log onto the website printed on the back of the card and enter your activation number and the security code on the website, then you will fill out your information such as name, address, phone number and date of birth.

Once you have filled out the online form you will receive your credit card number over the website, make sure that you write it down correctly, there is no way to retrieve it online, you would have to wait until the card comes in the mail. You can load up to $ 500 on these cards at time. Each store will have reload cards to help you add money every time you need it. Now, if someone were to steal your card, the only money on it is the money you put on. You can use this card just like a regular credit card but without the worry that someone can ruin your credit if this card was stolen.

Pay As You Go, No Fees
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One of the great things about the Green Dot Re-loadable Prepaid Credit Cards is that there is no credit limit on these cards. The only money on these cards is the money that you put on. You will not need a bank account or even a credit check to have one of these cards. The pay as you go fees include some great features such as that you can use these cards anywhere Visa and MasterCard is accepted. You can even choose which card you prefer at the time of purchase. You can have more than one card and it can be used as a Debit Card or as a Credit Card.

There are no overdraft fees on these cards, the concept is simple, and if the money isn’t available on the card then you can’t make the purchase. You can only spend what you have. The card will come with your name on and only you can access your account on the Green Dot website. Simply use the credit card number and choose your own password. These credit cards are safer than cash and better than credit cards because you can keep you spending in check. You can add money with the Green Dot Re-Load Card or with their payroll direct deposit, the choice is yours.

Green Dot Cards Are Affordable

Another great benefit of having the Green Dot Pre-Paid Credit Cards is that they are affordable. There is no interest on purchases, since everything is paid for right from the card. As soon as a purchase is made the money comes off. You can also pay your bills online too. The start up cost is minimal; when you make your purchase to get the card you pay a one-time fee of $ 4.95. Every time you reload the card you pay $ 495 for each card. You can put as little as $ 20 and as much as $ 500 per card. Once a month Green Dot charges a $5.95 fee but there are no hidden charges or fees.

You can use your Green Dot Prepaid Credit Card at any ATM. There are thousands of ATM’s across the United States that do not take out a fee for using the ATM. If you do not have access to one of those machines, the fee withdrawal fee is $2.50 from Green Dot plus the fee that the ATM would charge. On the Green Dot website there is a link where you can check to find these no fee ATM machines in your area.

MoneyPak & Reloads Widely Available

There is a variety of Green Dot Credit Cards and Reload Cards available. There is a Prepaid Visa and MasterCard Card that can be used where most credit cards are used. You can shop or pay bills with them, you can make withdrawals and do everything that a regular credit card can do. Green Dot also has a Prepaid Student Card; this is a great way for students who want more financial responsibility without running the risk of overspending and ruining your credit right from the start.

The Prepaid NASCAR Card is available in Visa for all of those NASCAR fans. There is also an Online Shopping Card; this card makes shopping on the web safer and easier than ever before. This card is available in VISA and can be used with buying things online such as downloading music and downloading games. The Express Bill Pay Card can be used to help the consumer pay their bills more efficiently. You can pay the cable, satellite and cell phone bills with the Express Bill Pay Card. There is also a VISA and MasterCard available in Spanish.

How to Reload Your Green Dot Card

Reloading your Green Dot Card has never been easier. You can find these reload cards at your local Walmart, CVS, Hess or Rite Aid Locations. You can find a list of retailers that carry these reload cards on the Green Dot website. Once you go to the store, there are usually displays of all of the Green Dot cards, make sure that the card says MoneyPak Reload. The card is simply a card and is useless until you bring it to the cashier. Tell them how much money you want on the card and they will load that amount right there at the cash register. There is a $4.95 fee for every card you reload.

Once you have the reload you follow the instructions via the Green Dot website or the toll free number given on the back of the card. You can also reload your card through the Green Dot Direct Deposit. You can have your whole paycheck or just part of it deposited onto your card and the service is free. You can sign up through the Green Dot website. You can also register with Online Reload from a Bank Account. There are many banks that allow you to do transfer the money from your account to your card through a process called ACH Transfer. You can also sign up for this right on the website.

Green Dot Reloadable Prepaid Credit Cards are a great way to protect yourself from identity theft, credit card thieves and from overspending. If someone were to hack into your account, you can simply call Green Dot and you can get a new card with a new number. You can have more than one Green Dot Card on file. There are no hidden fees and the best part is that you can only spend what you have on the card. You can register these cards to appear on your credit report, if you are trying to establish better credit or trying to repair your credit, the Green Dot Reloadable Prepaid Credit Cards are a great place to begin.

Go onto the Green Dot website for a complete list of where to find the nearest location to buy and reload your cards. You will also find a complete list of ATM’s that will not charge you a fee for cash withdrawals. Signing up is easy and you can set up an online account where you can check your balances as well as see your transaction history. You have everything right there at your fingertips.


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