Now is a great time to purchase a water heater if you are looking to replace the one you had in the basement since the beginning of time. GE is one of the best manufacturers in the business. So why not take a look at what water heaters they offerGeneral Electric SE50M12TAH Water Heater

Model SE50M12TAH water heater has a capacity to hold 50 gallons of water. The fuel type is electric and the energy rating for the unit is 93%. This is a great efficiency for any appliance. But with a water heater it can save you a lot of money. The first hour delivery of water is 62.00 gallons per hour. The watts on the unit are 5500 with a 240 voltage. This unit is considered to be a minimum sized unit with the measurements at 46″ from height to water connection, a tank diameter of 24.25 “. A tank height of 46” and a shipping weight about 138 pounds. The GE: Electric Water Heater Model SE50M12TAH is a self-cleaning system, this is designed to help keep off the lime and other minerals that often corrode the water heater, lessening the life of the water heater.
General Electric SE50M12TAH Water Heater
On this model General Electric uses a Heavy Duty Anode Rod, this provides extra protection against elements that often destroy a heater. You want to keep your water heater set at 120 degrees, this a safe temperature and the water heater can fully function on this temperature. GE offers a 12-year warranty on the tank and the functional parts. It is important to read the warranty information very carefully, you want to make sure that you understand what is and is not covered in the warranty. Here are some tips to help you find the perfect water heater. Look for a model that can save you at least 30 % or more on your heating bills. This is a reasonable amount anything more is asking for a miracle. Your house’s energy bill gets pretty high with the boiler and the water heater. If you can locate items that can guarantee lower heating bills, you can really start to see the savings right away.

You may notice that some water heaters are self-cleaning models and others are not. Self-cleaning models can actually help you save money. The main problems that take over a water heater are the sediments such as lime and other minerals. The self-cleaning system prevents these sediments from forming on the tank. With standard heaters, you will have to the scraping or pay someone to keep off the sediments. Always check the Yellow Label. You can really find some important information from the Yellow Label. It is the Federal Law that all appliances have this sticker, so you may as well understand what you are reading. You will find how many gallons the water heater holds, the model number of the unit and how much energy the unit is rated for. It is important to read all of the manuals and the specifications of the water heater. By understanding the model you have the better you can be at maintaining the water heater on your own and this will save you a lot of money by not having to call a service technician.