GE Refrigerators That Qualify For The Appliance Stimulus RebateGE has been serving the world over for over 80 years; their products and appliances are unmatched. GE has a great reputation for reliable appliances that last longer than others do. GE is a great place to purchase a new refrigerator from when the federal government announces the start of the Cash for Appliance program.

This program was designed to help consumers purchase new appliances that will help them save money on their electric costs every month. This program will also stimulate the economy in the sense of the stores where these appliances will be purchased will get some much needed business. Unlike the Cash for Clunkers program, this is a rebate program and there is no need to trade in your old refrigerator. Simply purchase a new Energy Star rated model only refrigerator and mail in the rebate. You will receive anywhere between $50 and $200 back.

A GE Energy Star rated refrigerator was specifically designed to avoid the emissions of over 200 pounds of carbon dioxide over the life of your new fridge. Can you imagine what your old fridge is putting out? If you are looking for a brand new appliance that will save you space and save you money on your electric bill then the GE Energy Star rated refrigerators is just what you need. Here are three GE Energy Star rated refrigerators that qualify for the Appliance Stimulus Rebate Program. all three of these refrigerators, will qualify for the Appliance Stimulus Rebate Program. These three have different sizes and designs that will ensure that you conserve energy as well as the money that you save on your bills.

GE Energy Star 25.4 Cu Ft Side by Side Refrigerator with Dispenser

This GE Energy Star rated 25.4 Cu Ft Side by Side Refrigerator with Dispenser has a stainless steel look that will give your kitchen some style. This appliance has all external controls that have an actual temperature display with an UltraFlow64, now you can set your refrigerator to the precise temperature, so you can start saving money right away. This unit also has an adjustable ClearLook Door Bins; this offers gallon size room without having to jam the containers into a smaller space. The GE Energy Star 25.4 Cu Ft offers a GE Water Filtration System that brings only clean and great tasting water and ice. Other systems ice and water leaves an aftertaste but not with this refrigerator.

The GE 25.4 Cu Ft offers FrostGuard Technology; this system was designed to protect your frozen food from freezer burn. This system will automatically defrost when it is needed. This will help you keep your food fresher longer. This will also help you save money on the food you buy as well. This refrigerator comes with an icemaker preinstalled that will give you crushed or cubed ice when you need it. This appliance also comes in Clean Steel, Black, Bisque and White. The cost on this unit is about $ 1599 but the prices will vary depending on where you purchase them. This appliance will qualify for the Appliance Stimulus Rebate Program.

GE Energy Star 17.9 Cu Ft Top Freezer Refrigerator

This GE Model # GTH18KBXCC is perfect for people who don’t need a large refrigerator. One of the most common ways people lose money on their heating bills is that they have a refrigerator that is too big for them. This fridge is 17.9 Cu FT with a fresh food capacity of 12.9 cubic feet. It has a step shelve freezer cabinet shelving with 2 split and 1 full freezer door bins. With this GE refrigerator, you will get one snack draw and 2 clear adjustable humidity drawers. There is an option for an icemaker and the controls on this unit are Upfront Temperature Controls.

The door on this Energy Star rated appliance are reversible hinges so the fridge can be open from both sides. This may make finding a place to install your new appliance a bit easier. This unit is 17.9 cubic feet and the operation of the unit is so quiet you won’t be able to tell if it is on just by listening to it. This unit uses 120 volts with 60 Hz and 15 amps. It comes with a limited one-year warranty on parts and labor. The price of this unit is $ 1029 and it qualifies for the Appliance Stimulus Rebate Program.

GE Energy Star 22.2 Cu Ft French Door Refrigerator

This GE Model GFSS2KEYSS is a Stainless Steel refrigerator with a gray case. This unit has a capacity for 22.2 Cubic Feet and the hinges are on the left and right side of the refrigerator. This fridge offers 3 adjustable bins, with gallon storage bins. There are 2 fixed bins with a diary compartment and 1 Snugger Clip. This is a free standing unit with a Never Clean Condenser. The GE Energy Star rated unit has 3 electronic sensors with a multiflow air tower. The GE Model GFSS2KEYSS has a GE 6 Month Water Filtration System. This model offers 1 clear snack draw and 2 adjustable humidity. This unit has a factory installed Icemaker. There are 4 adjustable shelves and 4 spill proof shelves. The controls on this unit are Upfront Electronic Temperature Controls. This unit works on 120 volts with 60 HZ with 15 amps. There is a limited one-year warranty on parts and labor. The GE Energy Star Model GFSS2KEYSS is priced at $ 1799.00, prices will vary. This appliance will qualify for the Appliance Stimulus Rebate Program.

Though the Appliance Stimulus Rebate Program has not yet begun, this is a great time to go out and do some comparison shopping. Any refrigerator that is Energy Star rated will qualify for the rebate. The rebate from the stimulus package will range from $ 50 to $200. Energy Star appliances are specifically designed to help homeowners save money. That is what the stimulus rebate program is about, saving homeowners money on their electric bills. We can conserve energy as well as conserve money too.