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Flexible P-Trap


The flexible P-trap is made from a soft rubber / plastic material. This  type of p-trap attaches to the pipes with hose clamps.

Flexible P-trap

It is specially manufactured with flexible PVC or soft rubber material which will allow the installation easy and quickly fix any misalignment problems. Usually this issue arises when a bathroom was newly remodeled and the new sink unit would not fit or line up with the tail piece that p-trap should connect to. The flexibility of this product will make any adjustment process easy and as much possible as you can imagine. The installation itself won’t need any super complex tools or parts. You will just need to take a regular handyman’s screwdriver and pliers.

There are a couple of models available on the market that usually come in as the size 1-1/4” or 1-1/2” drain trap. It also comes as packaged box with complete application and installation instructions, so any homeowner should be able to replace existing p-trap without much difficulty.
Among the manufacturers, Fernco’s PFT-150 series is made of construction PVC, providing a long-lasting, leak free connection that resists freeze damage, and great resistance to chemicals, ultraviolet rays or fungus growth.


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