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FengShui in the Bedroom


Getting fengshui right in the bedroom all starts with one thing… Yep, you guessed it – the bed! Choosing the right bed has an intimate and long-lasting effect on your personal energy. So let’s take a look at what makes a great fengshui bed.

A New Mattress


Don’t make the mistake of buying a used mattress. Sure, you can probably find some good deals, but buying a mattress that’s used means you will probably never know what kind of energy it’s picked up in the past. Start fresh by choosing a new mattress and shop around before making your final decision. Being able to get a good night’s rest is vital to your overall well-being.


The Right Height


Typically speaking, you want to steer clear of beds that have storage bins, drawers, etc… under them. They may seem helpful and you might find them handy, but for good fengshui there needs to be room under your bed for energy to flow evenly around you.


Bed Position


Once you’ve found the perfect bed it’s time to get it positioned right. This normally means placing the headboard against a wall. There are a few fengshui methods that you can use. One is the Eight Mansions system and the other is the Flying Star. Because the Flying Star can be complicated to explain, let’s stick with some basics of the Eight Mansions system…


Using the Eight Mansions system, you will fall into one of two categories: East Life or West Life. This will be determined by your birth year and sex. If you’re in the East Life then you’ll want to face the bed north, south, southeast and east. If you’re in the West Life group then you’ll probably want the opposite.


Either way, there are a few bedroom fengshui tips that will likely be applicable. The foot of your bed shouldn’t face the door and the wall your headboard is against shouldn’t have any electronics along it or a bathroom door. Your bed shouldn’t be directly in front of the door anywhere, either.


No matter where you end up deciding to position your bed, make sure that both sides are equally balanced. If you have a night stand on one side, make sure there’s the same or similar one on the other side. This keeps the energy balanced and lets the energy flow smoothly around you.


Non-Bed FengShui Tips for the Bedroom


Besides the bed, there are a lot of other factors to consider if you want your bedroom to have good fengshui.


Keep it Relaxing


This means no TV’s, no exercise equipment, etc… should be in your bedroom. Use candles in soothing colors in the center of the room, the south, northeast or southwest parts of the bedroom. Using candles in the bedroom brings about the energies of inspiration and purification, as well as helps release the many stresses of daily life.

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