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Electrical Floor Heating Kits Can Help Keep Your Home Warm and Comfy


It’s getting more and more expensive to heat through conventional methods, and because of that, more and more folks are just adding on layers of clothing to get through any cold spells through area may experience during the fall, winter or spring seasons. It can be rather impractical to have heaters and radiators on all day. But still, you want to ensure you and your family is nice and warm. Why not use floor heating kits instead?

What Is Floor Heating and How Beneficial Is It Really

Floor heating means the installing a heating system under a floor so that it spreads warm air throughout the entire house. Many people throughout Europe and other regions where cold weather is prevalent use this kind of heating to keep warm. Now, the system can be either electric or water-based.

This kind of heating has several benefits; not the least knowing that it’s cheaper, easier to install and can save lots of energy. The kits are utilized in both new and old buildings and are extremely effective.

The floor heating systems work great with any kind of floor so there’s no reason to worry with the type of floor you have in your home. Your floor could be concrete, wood or tiled, it doesn’t matter. With some minor adjustments, installation is often very successful and the floor can be placed back to its original look. No increase in the floor size and no difference will be seen or felt. Nobody will ever know you have a heating system in the floor.

Thanks to the thermostat, it’s easy to normalize the room temperature. Thus, if you want to save a little energy, you can heat some areas of your home while others are not heated up. Heat regulation is certainly cost effective and a wonderful way to save cash.

Another advantage to this kind of installation is that it is relatively easy compared to other heating models. As long as you read the manual, following the steps, you can install it yourself with no major malfunctions.

Once you purchase, the electric radiant floor heating kit comes with all the necessary components that are needed to set up a heating system either by the owner or professional service person. The kit usually contains an electric floor heating mat, a monitoring sensor, and a controllable thermostat.

Manufacturer will make the heating mat (the main part) out of a mesh, i.e. a net with electric cable loops already inserted to the within, therefore the entire mat will have evenly distributed built-in wires. This will make the whole job easier when installing the system, and you need to pay extra caution not to cut the mat in part as there will be a wire going through.

Monitoring sensor is placed under the floor, between the heating cables to regularly monitor floor temperature and alarm the thermostat when the preset level is reached. Programmable digital thermostats are also used to adjust the room temperature to owner’s desire even there is no one in the house. Just like any other electric device, you can set the control to operate manually or automatically at certain times.

This floor heating kit will stave off the aggravation you might normally feel. However, this kit will fit right with the home’s existing electrical wiring. There’s no reason to move furniture since there’s no reason for radiators or other bulky devices.


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