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Did You Have Trouble Replacing Your Moen Cartridge?


Some people have great difficultly replacing their moen cartridge and resort to either breaking the shower or faucet valve or having to call an expensive plumber. Do you think there is a better way that Moen could fix the faucet cartridge replacement process or do you think it should stay the way it is?

If you have any other moen cartridge questions, Please feel free to ask them as well, and I am sure someone will respond rather quickly!

Question) I do have problem with my Moen 1125 cartridge where I noticed a continuous leaking issue from the very top of the cartridge. Sometimes I have hard time opening and closing the single handle faucet. Eventually I called up Moen customer representative and they recommended me to replace the cartridge unit. Now the original issue seems to be fixed, but there comes a new one where the trace of leak at the very bottom of the faucet, and also through the mounting hole in the counter top. Then I called the company’s support line again and the support person says I will have to purchase air gap repair kit. Well, this is all of my responsibility and I already know what needs to be done. But do I absolutely need to buy this new kit with extra money or is it even worth it? If anyone has any similar experience,

Answer 1) First off I would suggest you to look at the model number and part description, and ensure if yours has the pullout spout part. If it is, then check if there is any leak around the connection area where the hose and pull out spray part touches each other. Usually you can spot the leak through the hollow part that leads to under the sink, and you may use your hands to tighten the screw or joint bolts there. Another possibility is that there could be a trapped air gap between your every single part. Therefore dissemble all of them and reattached by placing them into air tight location when pressing them together. That way you can make sure there is no temporary loosen part between parts and joints. This is more of assembly area issue, not the manufacturer part issue.

Answer 2) Before you start disassemble parts, did you have a well written down procedural instruction to follow? Whenever you inspect this kind of issue, you will have to flush out the system before you even try replacing the cartridge with new one, because there will be a chance of losing a tight seal between the parts by many factors: such as scale fragments, oil grits and loosen O-rings parts, etc. Whenever you flush out the system, get a handful of towel by you in case you need to wipe them out.

If it still leaks, then inspect if the cartridge itself is having the issue. By holding the stem down by your hands, try turning water on and feel if there is any noticeable leaking around the area. If you don’t see any water drips, then it can be assumed that the part is not bad. Then the next spot that you need to check is the connecting area where the lever and valve stem that is made of plastic materials. It can wear over the time, so the wearing portion can be amended by inserting a thin layer of plastic ring or cap between those two.

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  1. Hi Rick,
    More than likely as long as the retaining clip has not been bent the cartridge just needs to be turned slightly to allow the clip to drop into place.

  2. After the 1225 replacement, my leak in my single handle Moen faucet is fixed. The only problem is that the handle does not stay up by itself when the water is on — it drops down, shutting off the water. Is the problem with the cartridge? Could the replacement process have caused this problem? Thanks.

    • I just did the same (replaced my 1225 cartridge) and have the same experience. The handle, which I lift to turn on the water flow, won’t stay up, it drops down over about a 5 to 10 second period of time, causing the water flow to slow to a trickle, or drips. Is there any fix to this?

  3. I replaced the cartridge in my single handle kitchen Moen faucet and now the hot water comes out of the cold side. What did I do wrong? (Please tell me I can fix this without taking that darn clip out!)

  4. In response to replacing the retainer clip, I had the same problem. Turns out the cartridge was not in all the way. A few gentle taps with the wrench seated it properly, and the clip slid right in.

    • Can not get the retaining clip in bought new 1222 cartridge watched installation video cartridge will not go all the way in end of cartridge was broken when I removed it does new cartridge have to be rotated as I had to do that to remove it two turns looked inside body did not see any loose pieces I am frustrated with this shower assembly .

  5. after replacing moen cartridge in tub/shower it is is reversed…first hot then cold…what did i do wrong

  6. If your hot and cold are reversed, turn the stem 180 degrees. The cartridge does not need to be removed to do that.
    I had the problem of the handle falling and not staying where you put it. I think the cause of this is the O-ring lube inside the cartridge being to slippery. The solution might be to remove the inner stem from the cartridge and use a degreaser to remove most of the lube, or to use a thicker stickier lube to prevent the stem from slipping so easily.
    On other thing to not on this is that the OEM Moen cartridge has 2 O-rings on the dtem, while the cheaper aftermarket replacement at Home depot has 3 O-rings on the stem. I think the third O-ring doesn’t help with water sealing but may be there just to provide some more friction to prevent slipping.

  7. Once I replaced my 1225 moen cartridge in my single lever bath tub the leak stopped, but the hot water has much less pressure than the cold. What’s Up?

  8. I just bought a new kitchen faucet with base side sprayer and installed it and went to turn the water on and got no water coming out of the spicket but yet the sprayer works fine what could be the problem

  9. Impossible to insert new 1224 with one O ring.flag end stays out resulting clip remain unmoderated.suggest have to order another stem.start all over again tks.Veena and Hashish Fairfax va

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