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What Is Delta Touch2O Technology?


Delta Faucets is one of the top three faucet companies in the world. This is due in part to their great designs, high quality and high performance kitchen and bathroom faucets. Their products are always on the cutting edge of technology; the company has had their share of firsts when it comes to their product line. One of these special technologies is called the Touch20. This newest technology is fascinating; it is like the faucet from the future.What Is Delta Touch2O Technology?

This technology is available on kitchen faucets and it makes cleaning dishes and food preparation cleaner and easier. The concept of this faucet is simple, you can now turn on and turn off the faucet with a simple touch of the faucet with the back of your hand or a finger. Is this too good to be true? Let’s take a look and see what this technology can offer you.
Delta Pilar Touch2O
The Delta Touch2O Technology works along side with the standard style of faucet. You can choose to use the handles on the faucet to turn on the water and then use the Touch20Technology to turn off the water. There are several touch points on the faucet where you can choose to initiate the start and stop of the water flow. There may be some questions as to how certain things work with this kind of technology. One question is how can you control the water temperature with this style of faucet. With a standard faucet you would just adjust the water temperature with the handles. The same applies to the Delta Touch20 Technology; you can only control the water temperature with the handles.

When you are using a faucet with the Delta Touch20Technology the water flow is controlled by the handles that come with the faucet. Simply control the water flow as you normally would. When you are using the faucet in what Delta calls Touch Mode the water flow stays the same as when you set with the handles. When you want to adjust the flow simply change it by adjusting the water flow from the handles. There are some safety specifications on this style of faucet. For example, with the Delta Touch20 Technology you will see that it is equipped with an automatic water flow shut off system and after about 3 to 4 minutes if the faucet does not detect any movement then the faucet will turn itself off. This is great for water conservation. Now the faucet will only run when you are using it. You may start to see a difference in your water bills after a few months.

The Delta Touch20 Technology is a great way to get your dishes clean and your food preparation done a lot faster. There are 4 touch points on the faucet, there are 2 located on the spout of the faucet and one on the back of the neck and the last one is located on the base of the faucet. There are some Delta Touch Collections that come with a soap dispenser that is also touch sensitive. This technology will also save you a lot of cleaning time. No more sticky fingers on the handles of the faucet and since you can use the back of your hand to turn the faucet on and off there will be a decrease in the amount of bacteria and germs that can be spread. There are some great collections in the Delta inventory with the Touch20 Technology. Take a look and see what style of faucet would look great in your kitchen. The Delta Faucet website has some great designs and styles. See for yourself and bring the latest technology into your home.


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