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Closing An 18×36 In-ground Pool With Center Steps [Action Shot]


If you have an in-ground swimming pool that you need to close with a set of center steps at the end of the pool there is something you should know if you are planning to close the pool with a standard solid pool winter cover. If you have the center step at the end of your pool you will need to make sure that you buy a cover that has the step built into the material. Most pool covers can be ordered with a left, right or center step.

If you cannot find a cover that is custom made to fit your step position ( left, right, or center step) then your other choice would be to buy an over sized pool cover that will fit over the pool and then the step as well. So for example if you had a 20 x 40 pool with a 5 foot deep center step, you could buy a cover that is 28 x 40 or bigger so the step will be covered.

18x36 In-ground Pool With Center Steps

Major pool product manufacturers are carrying this type of specialized product with ultra mesh materials that can be used for center step structure. Those are very well made ones with lots of good features like high shade and PSI burst ratings, well constructed like triple-stitched methods and providing coating protection for long period of time.

Usually 16×32 Pool Size with 4×4 Center Step would cost about $900, and a bit bigger size like 20×40 with 5×8 step would cost about $1,200.

When you order this product though, keep in mind that you would request a custom made cover if you measure your pool step offset by more than 6 inches from the center of the pool, because the cover won’t fit properly only because it is larger than the actual pool size. There will be wrinkle and uneven area where you will see water piled up and ends up being issue later. Some manufacturer won’t cover them with the purchased warranty, so be cautious.

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