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Carrier Infinity Series Heat Pump


The Carrier Infinity Series Heat Pumps are one of the most popular heat pumps in the Carrier inventory. These heat pumps have two stages that operate with less amount of power for a longer period of time. The engineers have designed this heat pump to help the consumer save money as well as get a fully functional heat pump.Carrier Infinity Series Heat Pump

This heat pump offers efficiency up to 19 SEER with a 10 year limited warranty on the compressor and a 5-year warranty of limited parts. Read the warranty guides to fully understand what the warranty does cover and what it does not. The Infinity Series has been rated with an Energy Star Rating. The Infinity 19 Heat Pumps were designed with a combination of 14.0 SEER and an 11.5 SEER. The Infinity Series Heat Pump has a heating capacity of 24,000 to 60,000 Btu’s and a cooling capacity of 2 to 5 tons. The unit is protected with Weather Armor to help protect the pump from corrosion and rust. There are 2 models available, the 25HNA6 and the 25HNA9.
Carrier Infinity Series Heat Pump
This heat pump system offers the homeowners a two-stage system that lets the pump operate longer on less power. This will save you money on the electric bill especially in the cold winter months. This heat pump system can bring a 20-degree difference to your home without the large heating bills. These pumps are reliable and dependable. Carrier works with their engineers to bring innovative designs and idea to their customers. All pumps are tested before leaving the factory and sold to the public. These pumps are certified and Energy Star Rated.

When choosing a heat pump you want to make sure that has a high SEER, which is a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. The higher the number the better the heat pump. Most new heat pumps from Carrier offer a pump ratio of 13.0 and 19.0. The heat pump also offers a Heating and Seasonal Performance Factor or HSPF rating, like SSER the higher the ratio the better the pump will work. Most new pumps offer a rating of 7.7 and a 9.0 HSPF. The Carrier Infinity Series Heat Pump offers up to a 19 SEER and a 9 HSPF, this means that these pumps offer high efficient and will work to bring the best operation of any pump in the business. The better the efficiency the more money you will save in the winter. Carrier is one of the best in the business.

They have been servicing the public since 1902; their employees know their products backwards and forwards. They have expert installer who can do the job right and answer any questions that you may have. Carrier has not been named the best heating and cooling company for nothing. Their customer service stands out as does their high quality products. Next time you need to replace a heating or cooling item, check out Carrier, they have everything that you need and more.


  1. I have an infinity 25hna6 model, less than 2 years old. I had problems with air cond in 2nd season. turned out refrigerant and oil were mixing causing it to malfunction. Now 2nd heat cycle found a tripped circuit breaker after a power failure. After resetting the circuit breaker it tripped again. Then carrier tech found that the 3rd stage of my electric back up heat was causing the circuit breaker to trip. He disconnected the 3rd stage electric back up heaT,and while the tech states it needs to be replaced, the owner states it just should be left disconnected, The unit was purchased and sized with the intent of servicing a home expansion. Now that my home expansion project is complete this problem occurred during a cold spell. This is the first season with my completed home expansion and the heating demands of the increased space. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

  2. I spent $13.2K for a 5-ton Carrier Infinity Heat Pump with the highest SEER rating in Jan 2009.
    Now it’s August 09. We’ve been without AC for 4 (hot) weeks following an electrical problem (maybe lightning).
    Carrier has been unable to offer our installer sufficient technical support to fix the unit. This is the worst customer service for one of the most expensive products I’ve ever bought. Ask your retailer to recommend another product.

  3. I had the Infinity system (4 ton AC and heating) installed for $12k.
    It has been noting but trouble. Every year the AC keeps loosing freon (pruron actually)
    and they keep replacing parts (coils inside and outside unit). After 4 years of the AC
    not working, the unit shuts down in winter because the thermostat can’t communicate to
    the main board in the basement. You have to manually reset it to work again. Now with the weather below
    0 degrees F you can’t go anywhere for 2 days because the heat can go off and freeze the pipes.
    I don’t like that. All I wanted was a system that worked when I needed it!!

    I warned YOU!!!!

  4. Purchased Infinity system from Sears in May 2005 for $9,000.00 . The first year of operation was fine until I get a leakage of puron (from my heat pump) and after Sears serviced the unit all hell broke loose. For the past four years I have had nothing but poor performance from the unit and Sears technicians. I had at least 10 service visits all of which did not solve my problem. Although my warranty does covers me until May 2010, who knows what will happen after that. Everytime the unit displays “CRITICAL MALFUNCTION” the Sears tech would just reset and check the pressure and then proclaims the system is fine. Unfortunately the system would not work again (from 1 to 30 days)and again I have to set a repair appointment. Meanwhile during my wait, my electric bill becomes so outrageous because of poor performance and I’m left with no other option. Everytime I set an appointment I get frustrated because even if they send a senior tech, my problem is not fixed. Good job Sears.

    Carrier/Sears, I will make it my mission in life to inform everybody I know and work with, NEVER to buy your system and service. Since I’m also ACTIVE DUTY I have a lot of people to tell. I will also utilize legal proceedings for this matter before my warranty expires. Hopefully, I can stop a good number of military personnel from making the same mistake I did of purchasing a Carrier Infinity System from Sears. At least I can save them the frustration and disappointment with dealing with Carrier and or Sears.


  5. Purchased 2 carrier highest rated units with infinity controls. 3 service calls already for system malfuntions which shut down the system. This time the part (module) won’t be available for 2 weeks, so no a/c for the hottest time of summer. No response from Carrier direct, they must have this problem everywhere

  6. I bought a 19 seer 2stage carrier heat pump installed for 4200.00. ive had no problems with system. power bill went down 42%

  7. I am a service tech that has been in the HVAC trade for many years and I have worked a great deal on Carrier Infinity systems. I first want to say that I do feel that Carrier does make a good air systems, but in my opinion the Infinity has more than a few gremlins that need to be worked out. If you are considering a Carrier system I recomend you ask your Carrier salesman about the Comfort series or the Performance series by Carrier. They both are simple in design and are much more reliable. As a technician I have seen many problems with the Infinity software in the wall controller and in the condensing unit. What you want to do is get a system that is efficient with out losing reliability. Maybe I am old school but I do not feel that a system with a two speed compressor that driven by all that software is needed to cool a house. Maybe someday Carrier will work all the bugs out of the Infinity system, but until then I will not offer them. A few more tips I can give is whatever system you buy make sure you also invest in an extended warranty on it, this is not a boombox that you are buying at Best Buy. This is a $5000 to $10000 investment. Protect it with an extended warranty. Also choose your contractor carefully. Their are a lot of people in this trade that are installing good quality equipment very badly.

  8. We purchased a Carrier Infinity system for our newly remodeled home ~ 2 years ago and our major complaint has been what we call “the windstorm.” It claims to be a quiet system but, it is so loud it wakes us up in the middle of the night! Our local Carrier dealer has not been able to alleviate the loud, forceful blasts coming through the vents and they pretty much have left us with this “lemon” of a system. This system is way too expensive, and annoying, to just live with. After reading so many bad reviews on the Infinity system, which I wish I read BEFOREHAND, I’m wondering if there’s any way to fix this. I will never recommend a Carrier Infinity system to anyone!!

  9. Dear Amelia, I wish i had read this along time ago and I could have advised you on what to do. The Infinity contrary to popular belief is a great system by Carrier. I have sold, installed and serviced Carrier Infinity systems and what I have found to be the most disturbing is that they were simply not installed correctly. I live in Fl. and we sell service and install Carrier, and Lennox products. With all variable speed machines, you must have a return opening for the air handler 144 square inches of return for every ton of air conditioning. You also need to know if the system they replaced was smaller than the new Carrier Infinity system you installed. If it sounds like a freight train coming thru the supply vents you may have to small of supply ducts for the Carrier system you purchased. If the sound is coming from the return you have to small of return for the size system you have. For example: for a 3 ton system you will need 432 square inches of return which equals to a 24 X 20 return grill. Make sure these items are present for your current system. If not then contact your local dealer to have them solve the problem or call the installing contractor and have them correct what should have been done the first time.

    • Jerry: thank you for your reply. it’s winter here in port Angeles WA and the “windstorms” are back so this heat pump is frequently waking me up again! our carrier dealer, all weather and cooling, recommended, designed and installed the duct work and heat pump. we had baseboard heat before so, theoretically, we were starting from scratch so the design for this heat pump should have been done correctly, right? we’ve become so tired of complaining to this company, asking for their help to remedy the problem. they just tell us that’s the way the Infinity is designed, especially since we installed three zones. THEY recommended the three zones and we paid a lot of $$ for that. and now we’re stuck with these frequent blasts of air disturbing our sleep. I had a meeting during the day and someone looked outside and said “was that the wind??” Yeah, the windstorm from our heat pump. There wasn’t a breeze outside. This heat pump, or maybe the design and installation, sucks. $30k for the hest pump and to remodel the house with all the ductwork and it makes me miserable. I just wish they could adjust the air volume…more evenly and gently flowing instead of loud bursts. is that possible?? our Port Angeles dealer says “no.” DON’T BUY A CARRIER INFINITY SYSTEM!!!!

  10. I would not recommend an Infinity system. We had a Carrier unit for 20 years, 8 SEER and replaced it with an Infinity 19 SEER. Our utility bills went through the roof, about double. I’ve had the installer out several times, Air Comfort (wouldn’t use them either) and a Carrier representative with no postive results. I recommend checking out the competition.

  11. My 5 ton Carrier Heat Pump had to be replaced after 6 years. It cost nearly $4,000 and it seems to me a heat pump should last at least 10 year if not 15!

  12. I have two top Carrier Infinity systems. The first one overflowed water the week it was installed three years ago. The second one overflowed this past season. Both caused water marks and the installer can not determine the problem. Overflow switches seem to be useless. Carrier recommended that I try some other dealer for help. The Carrier warranty is weak, vague and useless. I paid for the 10-year one and would not do it again. Carrier may make a good product but their after sales service “authorized” reps leave much to be desired.
    Reminds me of the Cadillacs that were built when GM folded–Service is unbelievably BAD!!! (Central FL)

  13. We have two Carrier Infinity systems, installed in 2009. This year, we’ve had to replace both compressors. I would never buy another.

  14. Bought the Carrier Infinity system in 2009. It’s been fine up to yesterday. Problem was the unit stopped working automatically because the Puron waslow. Turns out there is a leak in the coils, inside the airhandler in the basement. The parts are warranted, but the labor is NOT. I am getting stuck with a tremendous bill that no one can plan for, and the apparent lack of quality in the system leaves me a bit shaken, considering the original cost of the system. How do these people sleep at night, knowing they are selling crap, and sticking the public with $$ traps?

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