Burnham Boilers is introducing a new boiler to their already impressive inventory. The Alpine gas Fired boilers are perfect residential boilers that are designed to be used in conjunction with hydronic and radiant heating systems. This new boiler from Burnham offers a great efficiency rating of 95%. The Alpine has been designed to use the stainless steel heat exchanger to it’s fullest potential. The stainless steel heat exchanger in the Alpine was created to be able to take out as much heat from the combustion system as possible.Burnham Alpine Series Gas Fired Boiler

Some of the features offered by the Burnham Alpine Boiler is the fact that this boiler can be used with both Natural Gas and Propane Gas. The altitude of Propane Gas can be used with up to 10,200 Ft. The Alpine Series also comes with 3 different venting options. There is the CPVC/PVC Venting, which is a standard installation, and then there is the Polypropylene Concentric Option and the Stainless Steel 2 pipe, which are both optional. These boilers can be stacked for modular applications.

There are 7 different Alpine Gas Fired Boilers in the series. The model numbers range from ALP080 to ALP500. The maximum input range on these is 80,000 to 500,000. If you are interested in the ALP500, you will have to call your local Burnham Representative for product availability and more information. The maximum working pressure on these Alpine Boilers are ALP080 is 30 PSI; the ALP399 is 50 PSI and 80 PSI on the rest of the models. The maximum temperature allowed on these boilers is 210 degrees Fahrenheit.
Burnham Alpine Series Gas Fired Boiler
The Alpine Series Gas Fired Boilers from Burnham have 2 different Intake and Venting Sizes, they come in either 3 inches or 4 inches depending on which model you choose. All models require a maximum length of 60 feet. These boilers can be used for other residential applications to light commercial applications. These boilers all have very smart features that offer the very best efficiency. The Alpine Series come with a Negative Cabinet Pressure. This is the bottom section of the boiler cabinet that runs under negative pressure that will create an extra layer of safety. These boilers are wrapped in an appliance style jacket making it reliable and durable. All of the connections on these boilers are made from the left side of the boiler.

The Alpine Controls all come with a fully modulating system that has a 5 to 1 turndown. They also come with an outdoor reset and a plug and play connection. The Alpine Gas Fired Boilers are all domestic hot water priority making these boilers very effective. Burnham offers a 5 year parts and labor warranty at no charge. This warranty only applies to the Burnham Alpine Series Boilers that are under 300 MBH. The warranty covers all associated labor costs for 5 years right from the date of installation. You must register your boiler 90 days from the installation date for the warranty to be in effect. Burnham has a complete line of boilers to choose from, contact your local Burnham dealer for more information.