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Buderus Logomax Plus GB162 Boiler


The Buderus Logomax Plus GB162 Boiler is a conventional boiler but with advanced condensing technologies. The Buderus Logomax Plus boiler was designed to help you save up 15% of your energy costs. The Logomax Plus is available in smaller and larger sizes. Some of the advantages of using the Logomax Plus are that they are highly efficient and they have a seasonal efficiency of up 110.5%. These boilers have HR pumps with an energy category A installed; they also are rated for low power consumption.

The Buderus Logomax Plus GB162 Boiler can be used with either Natural Gas or Liquid Propane. The models GB162/80 and GB162/100, when the GB162/80 is used with Natural Gas the thermal rated load input is 39,000 to 290,000 BTU’s and when used with Liquid Propane the input is 58,000 to 242,000 BTU’s. The Net IBR on the GB162/80 is 226,000 BTU’s per hour and the efficiency rating is 93.8% AFUE. The GB162/100, when this boiler is used with Natural Gas the Input is 69,000 to 333,000 BTU’s per hour and Liquid Propane offers 58,000 to 315,000 BTU’s per hour. The Net IBR is 245,000 BTU’s.

On both units the maximum flow temperature is 190 degrees Fahrenheit and the maximum working boiler pressure is 50 PSI. The flow temperatures on both units are 86 degrees to 190 degrees Fahrenheit. The heating circuit volume of the heat exchanger is 1.3 gallons.

These boilers are wall mounted units can lightweight, they weigh about 150 pounds. If the boilers are being used on larger commercial applications, you can use multiple cascading systems. The designs of these units are for larger homes and for commercial applications. They were designed as wall mounted in case the location of installation is not your typical boiler room. If you used the maximum of a 4-boiler cascade these units would only take up 13 square feet of space.

These boilers are designed to run at 190 degrees Fahrenheit to 122 degrees, these Logomax Plus GB162 models will stay in the condensing mode as much as it can and this is where you will see the energy savings. These boilers also come equipped with the EMS or the Energy Management System. This system is designed to help the boiler use very little energy and with less emissions. This will save you money on your home and commercial heating costs.

With the Buderus Logomax Plus GB162 Boilers, there are no clearances to follow to install your boiler. The heat exchanger is designed in ALU Plus technology and the unit is easy cleaning. The tubes are made with plasma polymerized ribbed tubes that offer a high transfer volume. If you wanted to install a storage tank, Buderus recommends the Logalux S 120. Buderus is a name you can trust when it comes to home heating products. Their boilers are highly efficient and high performance. The GB162 comes with complete installation instructions but for warranty purposes you may want to hire a qualified technician for the installation.


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